What Is That Garage Door Noise When Closing? 6 Common Sounds Explained

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A garage door is simple enough and easy to take for granted. But without a working garage door, cars and other property sit unprotected from thieves and the elements. Broken garage doors can also turn a familiar entrance to your home into a death trap.

If you hear weird garage door noise when closing up, it’s time to tackle the issue before it’s too late. A garage door making noise is often the first sign of a serious problem. However, if you’re fast, you won’t need to worry about garage door disasters and repairs that break the bank.

Here are seven common garage door noises and some of their causes to jump-start the troubleshooting process.

  1. Squeaking Like a Giant Mouse

If your garage door squeaks or screeches when you open or close it, there’s a good chance that the weather-stripping needs some lubrication. You’ll want a silicone-based lubricant to do the job.

While this is an easy fix, you should make sure that the lubricant you buy is approved for this purpose. Applying the wrong formula could make a quick fix a much more complex problem.

  1. Grinding and Grumbling

A grinding garage door making noise when opening sounds like the door is as upset about the situation as you are. Luckily, this grinding and grumbling is often a simple fix.

The cause of this is often that the garage door opener chain or belt is too tight or too loose. Taking a minute to adjust it might solve the whole problem.

If you go in to do the job and find the belt isn’t the problem, do some digging. There are endless reasons for each garage door noises. Someone else might have been through the same situation and left tips online for you.

If none of those tricks solve your problem, it’s time to contact a professional.

  1. Don’t Wait to Stop Thumping Noises

Loud thumping noises when opening and closing the garage door need attention immediately. Often, they suggest a spring broke, and if you have a single garage door, then there’s only one spring. If your garage door has a broken spring, you’re in danger.

Turn off the power to your system and look it over to see if a spring is broken. Unless you’re a trained garage door professional, don’t attempt to replace any broken springs yourself.

  1. A Clinking Garage Door Noise When Closing Can Be Serious

A clinking garage door has two common causes.

The first is rusty springs rubbing together. All this problem takes is some oil-based lubricant on the springs and any other squeaky metal parts and your garage door should sound like new.

If your garage door rollers are defective, though, you have a broken garage door. A garage door roller sliding around could cause the door to malfunction, resulting in injury.

If you decide to replace your own garage door rollers, cut the power to avoid ugly mishaps. Even with the power off, though, replacing garage door rollers yourself is a risky business. You’re likely to be better off with an expert in this case.

If your bottom roller is broken or about to fall off, you need to call a garage door repairman.

  1. Rattling Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

A rattling garage door is often a quick fix. Look over all the nuts, bolts, and screws and see what needs tightening. More often than not, tightening a handful of nuts is all it takes to cut the rattling out for good.

If you’re tightening up your own door, don’t touch the springs or counterbalance system. Tweaking this apparatus the wrong way creates new problems and new dangers, and is best left to the pros.

  1. Bad Vibrations

Another reason garage doors rattle and clank is that they lack vibration isolators. These rubber spacers make a world of difference for many a noisy garage door. Plus, they’re cheap and simple to install.

However, if you go to install new vibration isolators and feel in over your head, it’s okay to stop and call for professional help. While vibration isolators are an easy fix, they’re still a part of a larger, heavy, and dangerous apparatus. Setting aside your pride helps ensure you and those close to you stay safe.

Garage Door Noise When Closing: When to Call Help

You just read a selection of garage door noises that have easy DIY fixes. However, as you read, some repairs can go wrong or even be dangerous if you’re not careful. You could have two garage doors that need the same kind of repair, but one needs specialized attention, while the other is right as rain with a quick homeowner repair.

There are a few signs to look out for that hint you should talk to a professional.

First, pay close attention to how your garage door moves. If the annoying noise is backed up by a hard-to-open door or one too eager to shut, set down the tools and back away.

Dramatic variation in opening speed like that is life-threatening and a good way for DIYers to get hurt. If you’re not trained to deal with the situation, don’t attempt it.

Another reason you might want to call a professional to deal with garage door noises is so as to not void your door’s warranty. If you have a newer door or a long warranty, it’s worth checking to make sure your DIY maintenance doesn’t undercut any warranty advantages.

Make the Most of Your Life at Home

Now that you know the reason for that weird garage door noise when closing, you can fix the issue right away. Once you’re done with that, come back to this site for great life hacks and tips on what to do next.

Whether you’re looking to check other repairs and home improvement projects off your list, or just want to relax, we have something for you. Take a look at your next article today to make the most of your home life.

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  1. A couple of days ago when I was about to use the car to do some errands, I noticed that there’s been a clinking noise when closing. Thanks for listing the causes of a commercial garage door noises. I had no idea that one cause of it would be a defective roller or rusty springs that are rubbing together. Whatever it is though, I am hoping to find a garage door repair service to check the damage and provide the right solution to avoid injuries.

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