A Rooftop Greenhouse: Creating An Amazing Urban Garden In Budget

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If you are a nature-loving homeowner, living in a densely populated urban area may not be your idea of a perfect lifestyle. Small homes often have space constraints and having a garden is more of a dream. Consider yourself lucky if you have a small rooftop because even a small space is enough to create an amazing garden up there. And the best part is that you can create one without spending a fortune. Here are some smart measures that you can implement to build a dream rooftop garden.

Keep it open

The ideal design for a rooftop green space focuses on an open look because it can make even small areas appear spacious. Using transparent glass for fences and railing is a good idea. And if you are concerned about privacy, you can use greenery to block the view from the outside. Place pots and containers along the railing and you have a nice, green, and colorful cover for your private outdoor space.

Choose your plants carefully

When it comes to the choice of plants for your rooftop garden, maintaining the diversity in their size can do wonders in terms of aesthetics. Pick a few large plants, along with smaller shrubs and ground covers for creating a layered look. Buy containers of different colors and sizes for herbs and floral plants. If you have a larger space, you can plant high vegetation and foliage around the walls. Apart from diverse sizes, look for plants that can bear the brunt of direct sunlight and rain and are low maintenance as well.

Invest in a greenhouse

You can go the extra mile with your garden on the roof by investing in a greenhouse. This is an economical option and ensures good care of your plants even in a limited space. You can easily find a good priced greenhouse at www.swgreenhouses.co.uk and install it on the roof to create a small farm right in your home. Grow fresh veggies and herbs all year round as the greenhouse protects your plants from harsh weather and offers the best conditions for them to thrive.

Create a sitting area

Another element that your rooftop garden must not miss out on is a sitting area. You can simply take some small and lightweight furniture pieces upstairs and create a nice place to relax and chat with family or guests. A folding table and some chairs would be great And if you want to keep things simple and affordable, you can even use an old mattress and cushions to have a cozy spot.

Have a focal point

A central focal point is a great way to add aesthetics to even a small garden area. You can get creative with this part of the decor- a tall tree, a water feature, a statue, or an arrangement of container plants– anything can be the focal point. And you can use some lighting around the focal point to highlight it even further. So it need not be anything expensive.

There isn’t much that you need to do to create a gorgeous garden on the rooftop of your living space. Go ahead and try these ideas to have a place you would love!

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