How to Clean Disgusting Carpet: Your Complete Guide

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Want to know a dirty secret? Rather than cleaning a hard-to-remove carpet stain, 70% of the population will hide it under furniture instead.

That’s not a great look.

But while stains are little more than cosmetic blemishes, some messes can tarnish yours and your family’s health. Many carpets emit volatile organic compounds—a type of airborne pollutant known to cause cancer and breathing issues. Mold, dirt, and other natural irritants can also reside in your carpet and exacerbate asthma.

For these reasons and more, you should know how to clean a disgusting carpet. And no, pulling out the vacuum is not enough. From stains to soil, here’s your complete guide to carpet cleaning.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Everyone knows a vacuum is the first defense between you and a filthy carpet. Regular vacuuming can catch small amounts of dirt and dander early on, preventing a disgusting carpet in the first place.

But there’s no question that vacuuming is worthwhile. The question is how often should you bother?

That depends on a few factors. In general, it’s a good idea to vacuum travel lanes and active rooms twice a week. For areas that don’t see much use or none at all, such as a guest room, feel free to drop in twice a month instead.

To limit the trafficking of outside filth, set up some protective mats and throw rugs by the entry points to your home. Establish cubbies for shoes by the main entrance, and you’ll be golden.

2. Spring Clean

Have you ever used a power washer or enjoyed a video of one? Carpets become discolored and filthy over time, just like driveways and sidewalks. You can’t really notice until you dive in for a deep clean.

And a deep clean is what your carpet will need once a year. The fact of the matter is a vacuum can’t pull every microscopic piece of dirt, dander, or dust from the carpet fibers. And eventually, these embedded pollutants add up.

There’s no need to call a professional cleaning service. Rent a steam cleaner (or buy one, they’re pretty affordable!) and you’re in business.

Using a steam cleaner is straightforward. But make sure to vacuum the area beforehand and let it dry afterward before sliding the furniture back in place. Otherwise, things could get moldy.

Of course, you don’t need a steam cleaner to turn your brown carpet back into a beige one. The secret is knowing how to clean carpet with baking soda.

Vacuum the room in need of a deep clean. Then, sprinkle baking soda across the carpet. With a bucket of warm water and a rubber brush, rub those carpets clean!

You could use a normal brush or sponge, but it’s not recommended. You’ll damage some carpet fibers in the process.

3. Erase Generic Stains

Ordinary stains from things like jam and ketchup can put fear in the hearts of even the most stoic of homeowners. Can those dark colors really come out?

For sure! Head to the bathroom and find your trusty can of shaving cream. Spray it over every inch of the stain and wait at least half an hour for the cream to set in. If you’re lucky, a paper towel should wipe the whole thing away.

What about stains from liquids, such as beer or wine? Club soda is all it takes. The problem with this technique is you’ll need to apply several coats to lighten the stain over time.

Still, it can get the job done. Usually.

Home remedies can be effective in some circumstances, but you may have some residue no matter what you do. There’s nothing wrong with pulling out the rug cleaner for a no-fuss job.

4. Try Hydrogen Peroxide on Bloodstains

Accidents happen. When they do, you‘ll want to patch up the victim… and then your carpet. Blood is one of the most difficult carpet stains to remove.

Want to know how to clean blood out of a carpet? The answer is hydrogen peroxide.

You’ll first want to try removing the stain the normal way with baking soda or detergent. That will remove the worst of it. For the residue, pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain and walk away for a few minutes.

The stain will fizz and bubble. Once you return, use paper towels to wipe the mess away.

5. Melt and Freeze Stuck-On Stuff

Everyone knows about the gum-in-hair trope. But it’s just as bad in the carpet. A sprinkle of baking soda can’t fix that.

To remove gum from your carpet, snatch an ice cube from the freezer. Hold it to the culprit for about a minute. The ice should freeze to the gum.

From here, lift the gum as much as possible and carefully snip away the carpet threads. Sometimes you can pull the entire stick of gum off without the need to cut. Don’t count on it, though.

What about something like wax? The carpet is doomed, right? Not so!

Throw an old towel over the wax once it sets. Then warm it up with something like a clothing iron. Once the wax is beginning to melt, pry it away with a knife.

Now You Know How to Clean Disgusting a Carpet

Whatever life throws at you, you’re ready to get it out of your carpet. Next time you spill a glass of wine or drop a messy ice cream cone, there’s no need to rearrange the furniture and hide the evidence.

The professionals aren’t the only ones who know how to clean disgusting carpet!

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