Which is Better for Homes, Wooden or Steel Garages?

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Are you tired of parking your car on the street or in a carport? Do you wish that you had an enclosed space to park your car in so that you don’t have to worry about theft or weather damage?

If so, then there’s no doubt that you’ve been looking into building a garage as an addition to your property. Not only does a garage provide additional functionality to your home, but it can also significantly improve your property’s value.

But now a question arises: are steel garages or wood garages a better prospect for your project? In this article, we’ll answer that exact question by comparing both of these types of garages.

Wood Garages Are the Typical Choice

The wood garage is a common choice. There are several reasons why wooden garages have been popular for decades.

The first reason why wood garages are so popular is simply because of the history of wood as a building material. Metal buildings as a whole are a fairly new idea, and understanding steel buildings don’t come naturally to everyone.

Wood garages also have a more natural-looking finish. Thus, they can provide a more pleasing aesthetic to your home. However, this improved finish will come at an extra cost because of how natural wood is hard to source, and synthetic wood is hard to produce.

Another point in favor of wooden garages, however, is their energy-efficiency. Wood is a more insulative material than metal, and the natural consequence of that is lower utility bills to heat and cool your garage.

Steel Garages Are Rising in Popularity

The biggest factor in favor of steel garages is the cost. Compared to wood, steel is much easier to produce en masse.

Consequently, the prefabricated kits for metal garages that you can purchase are far more inexpensive than the same kits made out of wood.

You do have to sacrifice some things for this lower cost. Metal is less insulative than wood, so you’ll be paying more in utility bills. Some folks also dislike the aesthetic of a metal building, though others might see it as modern. In addition, steel buildings can develop problems with rust and oxidation over time.

However, there are other points in favor of steel buildings. For one, the durability of steel means that your garage will last for a good long while. Something else to consider is that steel is highly recyclable. If being eco-friendly is important to you, then a metal building might be the way to go for your garage.

Which Garage Is Right for You?

There you have it. With this comparison under your belt, you should now have a far better understanding of the pros and cons of steel garages versus those of wooden garages.

Which option will you be going with at your property? Let us know in the comments below.

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