Things You Should Buy for Your New Home

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Are you planning to move to your newly purchased home? Or perhaps, you have invested in your very first apartment after college. Indeed, it is a much anticipated moment, and your brain is wired up with plans for decorations and personalization.

Despite the excitement, planning a move can be hectic. There are endless lists of things to do, utility services, cleaning, and moving all your belongings. Then, you have to buy all the things you need for your new home. These typically include cleaning products, security systems, furniture, fixtures, drapes, carpets, and more.

Overwhelmed with the desire to decorate and beautify the new space, we often neglect the things we need the most. In this article, we will walk you through some must-have items to prioritize while shopping for your new home.

Here, take a look:

Cleaning Products & Equipment

Moving your belongings and furniture before cleaning the new premises is always a terrible idea. A new property deserves a deep clean, and you can hire professionals for a thorough cleaning. Once your new home is spick and span, you can begin moving in your stuff. Before you do that, be sure to pick out all the cleaning supplies you need.

Be sure to get a Swiffer, multipurpose cleaning products, trash bins and bags, paper towels, cleaning wipes, and stain removers. You will also need insect repellents, toilet scrubbers, cleaning solutions, detergents, and dishwashing solutions and sponges.

Packaging Boxes

Many homeowners and families leave packing and decluttering to the very last minute. We advise you to begin packing as early as possible and give due attention to all your items and belongings. It is wise to invest in cartons and bubble wrap to pack all your belongings securely. Each item, be it pottery or clothes, must be carefully packed and sealed, with appropriate titles for easy recognition.

Antiques, pianos, wine, and chandeliers are quite vulnerable to damages and require special care. Service providers like NJ Movers can send over their experienced staff to help with specialty items or plan the entire move for you.

Security Essentials

You must adequately address all the security requirements before moving into your new home. The door hinges and locks need to be changed and fortified. We strongly advise you to invest in a 3-bolt and heavy door lock, alongside changing all the window locks. The windows must have fortified glass and locks.

If you live in a close-knit suburb or town, your security needs will be different from those of a remote location. Either way, you must invest in a smart home security system. There is a wide variety of security systems to explore in 2020. You can pick out the right system for your home without spending thousands of dollars.


Be sure to make a list of all the utility items you will need around the house. You will have to put together a first aid kit and pick out flashlights. Extension cords are always a lifesaver while setting up your equipment and gadgets. You will also need spare light bulbs, night lights, batteries, surge protectors, smoke detectors, and candles.

You will have to set up clocks in various rooms or hallways, alongside installing fans and humidifiers. It is always wise to pick out a basic toolset so you can take care of all menial repair and installation jobs.

Fixtures & Fittings

Before you start decorating your home, it is essential to scan the premises for fixtures and fittings you need. These typically include doormats, carpets, rugs, curtains and drapes, shelves, and others. Be sure to walk-through your new home and keep a list of all the curtains, rugs, and other items you need.

Many homeowners have to invest in new carpets and curtains to accommodate the size of taller and bigger windows. You will also require curtain rods across all the rooms, alongside storage racks in the kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere. It is wise to install all your shelves, tables, TV consoles, photos, and hanging items before opening electronics or crockery.


Moving into a new home is an emotionally charged and physically burdensome process. However, if you go step by step instead of diving in from all sides, you can streamline everything. First, take care of your needs and essentials and then move onto the luxuries and decorations.

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