5 Top Machinery Maintenance Tips to Make Your Equipment Last Longer

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Are you trying to figure out how to take care of your heavy machinery? Read this article to learn more about machinery maintenance.

Whether it is your own home or a larger, industrial lot, there is a lot of work that goes into property upkeep. The machinery that helps run your property are big investments and need your attention.

Machinery maintenance will depend on the machinery at hand. Despite this, there are some core values that you should take on that work for any machinery. They can even keep the entire property in better shape!

Eager to stay ahead of the machinery maintenance wheel? Keep yourself in the clear and in good shape with these five tips.

1. Scheduling Consistent Machinery Maintenance

The first thing you will need to do is keep a constant schedule. No matter who covers the maintenance, keep it to a regular pace and a similar level of quality.

For most machines, a good cleaning can come once a week and that would be plenty. If the machine is in a dirty environment or works with a lot of dirty materials like dust or oil, then smaller cleanups a few times during the week may be more effective.

Whether you clean it yourself or if you have employees doing it, missing cleaning appointments will risk clogs and stains later on.

2. Clean Environment, Clean Machines

While some machinery can make a mess on their own, all of them keep cleaner when they are in a clean environment. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming the machinery room can save on a lot of maintenance later on.

Even something as small as light dust can clog filters and build up over time.

3. Check Lubrication And Fuel

Any mechanical joint needs lubrication to function without damage. When the lubricant dries out, the metal starts scraping and pieces wear at shocking rates.

Lubrication checks at joints and moving mechanical areas should be part of your cleaning routine. Measure the refills as you go, keeping the exact amounts to any given piece the same. Overgreasing can also cause issues.

The same should go for any type of fuel. Running on a low tank pushes the engines to work harder. This strain can take off years from your machines.

4. Proper Storage

Not every machine needs to run 24/7. Whether it be a cooling unit in the winter or a processing machine for the off-season, storage is a huge part of upkeep.

The key to storage comes from breaking down the machine if it needs it and finding a safe and clean place to store the machine.

For your storage spot, make sure it is free of dust and debris. A cover of some sort can do wonders. Avoid exposure to the elements in any form.

5. Keeping Good Cleaning Tools

The last good foundation for machinery maintenance is the tools you upkeep with. The difference between an average quality tool and a great quality tool can be the difference of years on your machine.

Whether you need an air filter cleaner or an entire tool kit, you can’t settle for cheap or even low-quality equipment. It is another investment, but one that will pay off in many extra years of machine service.

From Big Machinery To Home Appliances

Machinery maintenance can come in many shapes and sizes. What it all boils down to is how much attention you should give to each machine. With a good foundation from these tips, you can dive into machine-specific maintenance.

Check out the rest of our blog for more information about keeping your home appliances in good working order!

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