Spicing It Up: 9 Decorating Hacks to Try in Your Living Room

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Homeowners approach interior design with excitement and a desire to beautify their homes. When creating a new style for a living room, the property owner considers how the design is received by visitors and loved ones. Examining better ways to decorate a living room helps homeowners take a more careful approach to the task. Homeowners who want to spice it up to read the 9 decorating hacks to try in the living space.

  1. Paint One Wall a Different Color

Painting one wall a different color brings more color to the living space and adds an accent color. The color selection is bold and vibrant usually for adding color without creating an overwhelming effect on the room. The wall could become the focal point for the living space and add some individuality to the room and offer a bit of the owner’s personality. Adding an accent wall gives the homeowner a chance to add decorative touches to the wall to tie the room design together.

An accent wall is also a great choice for bringing more light into the room and to make it appear bigger. Painting the remaining walls a neutral color makes the living space more light and airy. Choosing the right color combination helps the homeowner get the best overall look and improves the living space in dramatic ways. Homeowners who review more living room ideas find the best choice for their home.

  1. Declutter the Living Space

Decluttering the living space makes it easier to eliminate excessive decorative touches. An overwhelming space isn’t aesthetically pleasing and takes value away from the overall design. It’s important to create balance in the living space and make the room more aesthetically pleasing. Tables that are too cluttered prevent the homeowner from using the furniture and decrease functionality and use-value.

It is recommended that the homeowner review each item in the room design and eliminate all items that are unnecessary and don’t tie the design together. Any items that are creating chaos and lessening the beauty of the room.

  1. Add Decorative Touches to Corners

Adding decorative touches to corners helps complete the room. Too often homeowners focus on the innermost portion of the living room and don’t decorate corners. Omitting the corners creates negative space and makes the room design look unbalanced and incomplete. Wall art, a small table, and an elegant lamp are enough to fill the spaces and make them beautiful.

  1. Change Up Artwork

Changing up the artwork helps create a new space for the homeowner and make it more attractive. There is nothing wrong with hanging onto an artwork that is treasured, but if the art is just taking up space and not giving the owner any enjoyment, it’s time for a change. Adding new art revives the living room and makes it more sophisticated. Interior designers recommend that homeowners choose pieces that inspire them and improve their mood when looking at the art. When hanging the art, homeowners position the pieces in their sightlines to balance the living space.

  1. Rearrange the Living Space

Rearranging the living room gives the homeowner a new look and offers more organization. The positioning of the furniture alone offers more space after it is rearranged. When reviewing the new arrangement, the property owner eliminates any items that don’t make the living room look terrific. The task helps the homeowner remove furnishings that are no longer useful and don’t bring value to the room.

  1. Use Fabric Covered Roller Blinds

Using fabric covered roller blinds adds accent to the living room and makes the room intriguing. Instead of the standard miniblinds that block out natural light and increase privacy, the homeowner uses elegant blinds with floral fabrics that provide a more sophisticated look. Miniblinds while they serve a vital purpose just aren’t as classy as the new selections. The windows will look amazing with the right patterns and colors.

  1. Change Out Flower Arrangements

Changing out flower arrangements brings new life into the living room. Silk flowers that have faded or are starting to show signs of wear and tear need to be removed from the room entirely. Choosing elegant vases and beautiful flowers rejuvenate the room and make it more lively. The right flower arrangements look real and provide classic styles for a living room design. Delicate glass with seasonal flowers are a great choice for living rooms and make the rooms more attractive.

  1. Add an Oversized Yarn Blanket

Adding an oversized yarn blanket gives homeowners a new trendy fixture in the living room. The blankets have become a better choice over traditional throws and are just too much fun. Homeowners choose from a variety of colors to match the living room’s color scheme and gain a comfy blanket to keep them cozy on movie night with the family. Since the blankets are manufactured in a variety of sizes, homeowners choose any dimensions they prefer to their sofa or loveseat. The blankets are easy to fold and drape over the back or side of the furnishings.

  1. Buy New Pillows

Buying new throw pillows revamps the look of the living room, too. Outdated and misshapen pillows don’t add any value to the living room. When changing the color scheme of the living room, it is vital for the homeowner to replace the pillows, too. Each small change increases the value of the living space and makes it look better overall.

When following a theme or pattern, it is vital for the homeowner to choose throw pillows that coordinate well. Throw pillows are great choices for a couch, loveseat, and stand-alone chairs. To create a more balanced look, the homeowner chooses to throw pillows in different sizes that are comfortable and offer softer fabrics.

Homeowners who want to revamp a living room design follow careful steps and eliminate outdated and unpopular styles. The updates are vital for maintaining property values and keeping the home showcase ready. Simple changes go a long way when rejuvenating a living room and making it more elegant. Homeowners who follow new hacks get the most out of their investments.

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