Why You Need to Own a Track Saw to Renovate Your Home

Track Saw

Are you planning to renovate your home or part of it in 2020? As part of your plans, if you are planning on doing a lot of it yourself, you need to work out the tools you will need. Although you may have plans to invest in other kinds of saws, we want to take this opportunity to discuss why you need a track saw. They are more than just a circular saw-wannabe.

Let’s start by explaining what a track saw is.


What is a Track Saw?

A track saw as you may have guessed from the name, is a kind of hand-held saw, like a table saw or circular saw that slides across a guide rail as you operate it. This helps you to perform very long and precise cuts easily and quickly.

Now that you understand the basics, before checking out some of the best at www.woodworknation.com/best-track-saw-reviews, we will now discuss why should you invest in one for much of the saw work you may need to do in your home renovation.


It Features a Non-Slip Track

The guide track you run the saw across when cutting pieces have sticky rubber trips at the bottom that holds it in place. This means you don’t need to worry about wasting time trying to clamp it down, even if you are working on larger-scale operations like trimming doors. We appreciate that it will be a nerve-racking experience cutting without clamps for the first time, but in time the sticky strips of rubber will gain your trust.


Effective Built-In Dust Collection

If you look at the design of a track saw, you will see that that the shroud helps to enclose the blade. It does more than just that though, as it also works as an effective and efficient trap for all dust generated. If you added a vacuum hose to your setup you will find it is incredibly easy to cut cleanly without generating too much waste. A track saw, therefore, is a great option if you are worried about the harmful effects of all that dust entering the atmosphere.


Immediate and Precise Setup

There is not much setup involved when it comes to using a track saw. You simply align the track along with the marks you’ve made on the piece you are looking to cut and then you are ready to go. There is a plastic edging that shows where the blade is going to cut. You don’t need to do any test cuts or double-check everything is in place.


Ideal for Working In Small and Tight Spaces

A track saw is especially useful when you are working in tight spaces and need to cut even the largest pieces of wood. You don’t need to take up valuable space in the room you are working for outfeeds and infeed. This makes it especially useful if you are renovating a home.


Portable and Easy to Transport

Track saws are very similar to table saws and can do the same jobs. One major thing that a track saw has over a table saw is just how portable and transportable it is. It is not awkward or cumbersome to carry, even if you are holding the saw in one hand and the track under your arm. This also makes it less likely that you will bump into things or suffer from back strains or injuries.


Clean and Smooth Cuts Every time

You will likely want to achieve the best finish possible when working on your home renovation. Therefore, you want to make sure you have tools that can achieve that perfect finish. With a track saw you can make some of the cleanest and smoothest cuts you’ve ever seen, compared to using a table saw or circular saw.

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