Rubber Rock is Perfect for In-Ground Pools

In Ground Pools

Rubber rock surfacing has become quite popular nowadays. It is a safety surface around your pool deck. It is also called as rubber pool coping, and it is maintenance-free and incredibly durable. This rubber surface for pools allows the water to drain through the surface properly and makes the area a much safer place to walk. Even after being wet, the surface prevents falls or slips due to its tacky feeling. And it is all because of the rubberized coating around the pool deck.

Let’s have an elaborate discussion on this rubber rock coating used for in-ground pools:


  • Materials Used:

A rubber rock surface is made of EPDM, i.e. virgin rubber and recycled rubber granules mixed with the polyurethane binder and poured over the existing concrete. A solution of ElastaStone is prepared by combining this binding agent with high-quality granules of EPDM. The final solution is very important for your rubber surfacing to keep it together and tighten the coating properly.


  • Slip Resistant:

Normally there are chances of slipping on normal tiles or floor, especially when there is a pool around. And there are various decking materials, which get slippery while wet. But with the rubber rock surface, the thing is different. It doesn’t get slippery no matter how much water is spilled over and prevent injuries. That means if you have children in your home and you worry about them getting injured while running around the pool. Then do not worry anymore, as this rubber rock surfacing ensures complete safety of you and your family.


  • Heat Resistant:


Any normal concrete gets way too hot in the sun. And there are chances of you getting your feet burnt on that concrete. But with the rubber rock surfacing, you don’t have to face this problem anymore. As they are completely impervious to heat and remain cool even during the hot summer days. Hence, no more burning feet after getting out of the pool or walking over the surface from your lounge chair on hot days.


  • Easy to Clean:

In other concrete or wooden decks, you need to clean them and take proper maintenance at a particular interval of time. And sometimes it is very difficult to clean those surfaces and even after getting clean; it takes a lot of time to get dry.

However, with rubber rock decks, you don’t have to waste your holidays or spare time cleaning or maintaining your deck. These decks are stain-resistant and very easy to clean with normal soap water. Or you can also spray the stains out with the garden hose.


  • Extreme Durability:

One very important and convincing quality of these rubber rock surfaces is its durability. These rubber decks are stretchable enough and can get expanded as per requirement. Also, you can apply it to any solid type of material such as stone, wood, concrete, and aluminum. The substrates might chip or crack over time, but the rubber surface is resilient enough and maintain its integrity and shape even in hot temperatures. It is why they are said to be reliable in the long run.

These rubber rock surfaces or decks are available in different colors. You can select as per your need, as they all are very beautiful with aesthetic charm and low maintenance facility.

Wrapping Up:

Therefore, the above-mentioned are some features of the rubber rocks that show why they are the best for your in-ground pools. So if you are thinking of constructing an inside or in-ground pool. And confuse between which materials to use for surfacing. Then without any delay go for rubber rock decks, as these will not only increase the beauty of your poolside but also guarantee complete safety.

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