Top 5 2020 Kitchen Trends to Inspire Your Remodel

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Are you one of the many homeowners who want to refurbish your kitchen to promote a healthier lifestyle? If so, the latest kitchen design ideas will go a long way towards making your wishes a reality.

These are the 2020 kitchen trends you need to know about if you want to embrace modern living.

1. Bold Colors

Color has been sneaking its way into the kitchen for a while and it’s here to stay in 2020.

Include prominent cabinet colors in your kitchen design against a base of classic hues like dark oak, black laminate, white or neutral glass finishes.

Cabinets, kitchen islands and base cabinets are all good places to highlight with dark reds, greens, bright yellow or navy blue. Classy but cheap kitchen cabinets like these keep their classic appeal regardless of the color you paint them.

White is still welcome in kitchen design, as is the classic black and white combination. Yet, it’s taking a back seat to more daring shades. No 2020 kitchen is complete without some touches of white to brighten things up.

2. 2020 Kitchen Trends for Storage

Accessibility is key in modern kitchen design. Open shelves are the latest, greatest thing, helping to create open, coherent spaces within the kitchen.

The Lazy Susan is so last year and has made way for engineered storage racks that retract behind cabinets. Freestanding kitchen cabinets are all the rage to complement open-plan living.

3. Less Is More in 2020 Kitchen Design

It’s all about space, light and clean lines this year.

Kitchen cabinets are taking on modern, sleek designs. Finger pulls have replaced decorative hardware on cabinets and drawers.

Above-the-counter storage is being reduced to shelving only. Now’s the time to put your best crockery on display for all to see.

Kitchen larders are the latest storage trend for groceries and other items you want to keep out of sight. The emphasis in 2020 is on less clutter and more functionality.

Even refrigerators are moving behind closed doors.

4. 2020s Top Countertop Trends

Modern-day countertops have been evolving for a while. Marble, soapstone, and travertine are taking over from granite as the top choice, and wood is also making a comeback.

Light-colors and rich tones are equally on-trend, depending on the color of your kitchen. The speckled appearance of granite is out. New look unpolished granite is the top choice if you do choose to go with this traditional surface.

5. 2020 Island Styles

Large open kitchen islands are the next big focal point for kitchens. The latest kitchen islands are see-through and less chunky than before. Think legs and a countertop with integrated sink and cooktop, and open shelving instead of drawers.

The brief comeback of kitchen tables is over. Kitchen islands are the latest place to eat, work and cook.

Stay up to Date With the Latest Trends

That’s a wrap of the main 2020 kitchen trends for now, who knows what exciting developments are still to come?

Keep reading our blog for more news about great things to come in the world of interior design and architecture.

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