5 Ideas for What to Do with Shrubs for Landscaping


Landscaping shrubs play a major role in the beauty of a homeowner’s garden. Shrubs that are too twiggy or overgrown will drag down the look of your garden. That’s why it’s important to choose shrugs that are not only stunning to look at but easy to maintain.

Not everyone has the green thumb of Marth Stewart to have a flourishing and gorgeous garden. Here we share pointers on how to keep up the health and beauty of your garden. We also shared some low maintenance shrubs for landscaping: no excessive pruning or professional gardening skills required.

1. Rose of Sharon

Botanically named Hibiscus syriacus, the rose of Sharon is easy to care for. This colorful and vibrant bush thrives with very little effort. However, it is worth mentioning that you will have to prune it for shape.

One issue that may arise from rose of Sharon is bud drop. This is due in part to the shrub being in harsh conditions. Too much fertilizer or too little water may also contribute to bud drop.

Despite some pruning here and there and possible bud drop, rose of Sharon is a gorgeous addition to your garden.

2 Red-Twig Dogwood

No winter garden is complete without red-twig dogwood. The stems are green in spring and summer but turn red during the colder seasons. Not much maintenance is required for red-twig dogwood aside from pruning.

The purpose of pruning a red-twig dogwood shrub is to remove old stems that are dull in color. Usually, you would remove a third of the stems every year.

3. Heather

Another bright shrub that livens any home garden is this purple perennial. Botanically named Calluna vulgaris, heather flowers are simple and low maintenance. They only require pruning each year after they have completely bloomed.

Also, heathers require good soil with proper drainage. It’s also worth mentioning that heather shrubs flourish best when they are fed with a rhododendron type fertilizer. When properly taken care of, heather flowers bloom beautifully and make any garden look stunning.

4. Stewartstonian Azalea

Who doesn’t love a bold color shrub? Not only will the Stewartstonian Azalea shrub add a pop of color to your garden but it is easy to maintain. First, Stewartstonian Azalea shrubs can withstand many different environments — including blistering cold winters. Not much pruning is required but they grow well in partial shade and drained soil.

5. Blue Star Juniper

Another low maintenance shrub for landscaping is the Blue Star juniper. It’s hallmark blue needles add a unique contrast to your garden — especially in the winter. Not much maintenance is needed for this evergreen shrub other than ensuring that it gets sufficient water and keeping it out of high temperatures.

Blue Star juniper rarely needs to be pruned unless it needs to be fit into a small area. If you need help fitting shrubs in your garden, consult with a professional landscaper like Cherry Oak Landscaping.

What Do You Think About Shrubs for Landscaping?

The list of low maintenance shrubs for landscaping doesn’t end here. There are many other plants and flowers waiting to join your garden.

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