3 Shocking Consequences of Delaying Your Foundation Repairs

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Foundation repairs can be expensive, especially if the issues aren’t discovered right away. However, putting off the foundation repairs for another day can result in disaster for the homeowner and mean the homeowner has to pay a lot more because the issue has gotten worse. Instead, it’s always going to be a good idea to tackle any foundation issues as soon as they’re noticed. Below are three things that can happen if foundation issues are ignored.


More Expensive and Intrusive Repairs Needed

The longer a homeowner waits to have the foundation fixed, the more expensive it’s going to be. Homeowners will also need to be prepared for what will happen while the foundation repair is being carried out. It’s a good idea to plan foundation repairs carefully for this reason. While most belongings inside the home can stay in place, anything that is valuable or delicate may need to be removed from the home before the home is lifted. The homeowner will also need to plan for somewhere to stay while the foundation is being repaired and until the home is ready for them to live in again.


A Whole New Foundation May be Needed

If the home’s foundation is badly damaged and causing issues with the rest of the home, it may be necessary to replace the foundation completely. This typically involves moving the home off the foundation, removing the old foundation, preparing the site again, and installing a new foundation before placing the home back. This can be very costly but may be the only way to save a home with serious foundation issues.


The homeowner will need to be prepared for the entire home to be moved for this to be completed. Before a foundation can be replaced, the home will need to be emptied. After the foundation is replaced, the homeowner will need to move back into the home, repair the landscaping, and replace anything that may have needed to be removed, such as fencing alongside the home.


It Might be Difficult to Sell the Home

One issue that many people don’t think about when they have foundation issues is the impact it might have on selling their home in the future. If the homeowner puts off the foundation repair and then decides to move, they will need to either lower the price of the home significantly to attract buyers or have the foundation fixed before the home is sold. Both of these will cut into the profits the homeowner can make from the sale of the home and, even if the foundation is repaired, it may still be difficult for the homeowner to sell the home. Potential buyers will be wary about recently-done foundation repairs as there might not be enough time between the repair and the sale to ensure further issues won’t occur.

When it comes to foundation issues, time is of the essence. It’s crucial for homeowners to plan to have the repairs done as quickly as possible to avoid rising costs, more intrusive repairs being needed, or issues with selling the home. Homeowners who have noticed cracks in their walls, doors, and windows that stick, movement of the foundation, or any other signs of a damaged foundation should contact an expert right away to find out if their foundation needs to be repaired and, if so, what can be done to repair it right away.


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