The Beauty and Benefits of Home Window Seats

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Estimates predict that the US market for windows in 2019 will reach $15 billion.

It’s obvious that we spend a serious amount of money on our windows. But how much do we actually appreciate them?

Can you remember the last time you sat in front of your window admiring the view? For many of us there’s nowhere we could sit even if we wanted to. Unless of course, you have window seats.

Read on as we take a look at some of the key benefits of installing window seats in your home.

Extra Seating

One of the key benefits of window seats, aside from the views, is the additional seating that they provide.

If your living space isn’t that big, it can be hard to fit in enough seating, especially when you have guests visiting. Window seats can provide extra seating without eating into your living space. You’ll no longer have so many chairs taking over the room.

Guest Beds

If your windows are large enough, you can install window seats that can double as guest beds.

This is ideal if you have guests coming to stay but don’t have a spare room to put them up in. When your guests have left, simply store away the bedding and your window seat is back. It’s a really versatile way to use the space.

And the best part is, your guests can wake up to a great view.

Additional Storage

We could all use more storage, right?

Unless we’re Marie Kondo, we’ve all got excess junk that we just can’t bear to part with. And there’s never enough space to store it all.

A window seat can offer you a lot of extra storage that your guests wouldn’t even know was there. It’s the perfect spot to keep the guest bedding if you’re using your window seat as a bed. And if you have kids, it can be a great place to hide away all those toys.

Using Dead Space

If your window is recessed then the space in front of it is usually dead space.

A window seat is a perfect way to make use of this space whilst adding a stylish touch to your home. If your windows aren’t recessed, but you really want a window seat, don’t panic. Simply place storage units such as bookshelves either side of the window, and then install the window seat between them.

That unused space beneath your window is now a beautiful feature.


Technology can be really useful, but it can also easily take over our lives.

So many of us spend hours every day glued to our smartphones. It may help pass the time, but it’s not the best way to relax.

A window seat allows you to take a little time out of your day, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the world go by. It’s also the perfect place to read a book, and when was the last time you managed that?

Just make sure you have good quality windows worthy of your beautiful window seat. Dealers such as the one found on this site can help.

They Can Be Installed Anywhere

Window seats don’t just belong in the living room.

You can put a window seat in most of the rooms of your home. Depending on the room they can serve a variety of different purposes.


A window seat in a small bedroom is a great way to maximize your storage space without encroaching into the room too much.

And if your window is large enough, you might consider installing a window seat as your own bed. There’s nothing nicer than being able to watch the sunrise without having to get out from under the covers. And it will leave you with plenty of space in the rest of the bedroom.


If you work at home, it’s great to have a place to work that’s apart from the rest of the house. It means you can separate work and home time.

But you don’t just need to use that room for work. Add a window seat, and you can take time to relax now and then to keep yourself from burning out. If you work at a computer, your eyes will thank you for it.


A window seat in the entrance to your home is a great choice.

It means that you’ve got somewhere to sit when putting on and taking off your shoes. And you can use the window seat itself to store your footwear leaving your entryway free from any clutter.

It’s also the perfect place to collapse when arriving home after a tough day at work.


It would be great to be able to eat in the kitchen, but for many of us there just isn’t enough space to fit a dining table and chairs.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, clever use of window seats can solve this problem. A long window seat can act as the perfect bench, meaning that you’ve got plenty of room for a dining table without your chairs taking up all the room.

And they also offer additional kitchen storage, which is something we could all do with.

Want to Wow with Your Window Seats?

If you’re planning on using window seats to make your home look stunning, then we’re here to help.

We have a ton of great content about all aspects of interior design to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. We have everything from design inspiration to tips and advice. We also have more articles on furniture, buildings, houses and more.

Feel free to take a good look around.

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