Beating the Summer Heat: 5 Roof Issues to Be on the Look out for This Summer

Summer Roof

According to Verisk Analytics, a leading data analytics provider, millions of roofs are in need of repair. One of their businesses processed 8 million estimates that involved some kind of roof repair between 2010 and 2014.

No matter what kind of roof you have, it needs to be inspected regularly and maintained to lengthen the life of your roof.

When did you last inspect yours? If you don’t remember or aren’t sure, it has probably been too long.

Keep reading to see what roof problems you should be looking for during your inspection.

Five Roof Problems

When people think about their roof, it is usually when they just read or heard about the forecast of rain.

During the summer, it is easy to forget about one’s roof. The weather is fine and there are usually plenty of more fun things to do.

But summer is a great time to check your roof. If any roof repairs need to be done, it is best to do them when the roof’s protective covering can be removed without fear of water leaking in from the rain.

Here are five roof problems to check for this summer.

1 – Leaks

There are many signs that can indicate that you have a roof leak. Water coming through the roof into your house is the most obvious.

For some that are less obvious, look for the following:

  • Is there roofing debris in your gutters or at the bottom of your drain pipe?
  • Are your shingles buckling or missing, in whole, or in part?
  • Is your flashing cracked or broken?
  • Do you see water rings on your ceiling or inside your attic?
  • Does your roof show signs of mold, rot, or algae?

If so, you should have a roofer check your roof for possible leaks.

2 – Shingles

The summer heat can dry out your shingles and cause them to become damaged.

Check to make sure none of your shingles are missing, broken, cracked, or curled. If they are, you need to look into having them replaced.

3 – Moss or Algae

Any significant growth of moss or algae on your roof needs to be inspected. It is a sign that too much moisture has been accumulating on your roof.

Moss also retains water and can lead to cracks and deterioration of your roofing materials.

4 – Poor Ventilation

In your attic (or the space between the top of your house and your roof), there are vents. There is an upper vent to let hot air escape and a lower vent to pull in cooler air, keeping the area cooler and dryer.

Poor ventilation in your roof can cause moisture and humidity to build up. If it does, the moisture can cause dry rot, mold, and other damage that may weaken your roof.

So make sure your vents are not blocked. If they were, inspect the roof for possible damage.

5 – Denting on Metal Roofs

Metal roof problems are different than shingled roofs. Metal roofs are not as susceptible to issues caused by insects or rot.

One way to see check whether you have a metal roof over shingles problem is to look for dents in the metal. This is much more likely to be a problem in areas that are hit with large hail, however.

Plan Time to Check Out Your Roof This Summer

Sometimes it is very easy to put things off, especially when they aren’t fun and might end up costing you money.

Don’t delay though. Check for your possible roof problems this summer.

The earlier the better because, if you need work done, you need to schedule with a roofer before their schedules fill up.

Put it on your calendar now so you’ll remember to do it.

For more information on other household maintenance, such as repairing your garage door, you’ll find some great ideas on our site.

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