5 Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects to Try This Fall

Home Improvement Fall

The fall is a great time for home improvement projects. The weather has begun to cool down and you don’t have to worry about suffering from heatstroke during your renovations.

Of course, before you take on a major project like a home renovation, you need to have a firm grasp on what you want to change.

If you’re interested in updating your home’s appearance but aren’t sure where to begin, consider one of these five weekend home improvement projects.

1. Replace Window Treatments

If you want to take some time to improve your home this weekend, why not start with the interior decorations?

One easy way to brighten up your rooms is to replace your window treatments. If your curtains or window shades are looking a bit dirty or worn, you can easily hang some new ones. Your rooms will look brand new!

2. Improve Your Entrance

Another easy and effective way to improve your home is to change up your entryway. Consider repainting or restaining your front door–it’ll make the whole exterior look fresh, and it will increase the resale value of your home!

If you don’t want to repaint or restain, you can also add a new welcome mat or door wreath. Installing outdoor lighting is another good option.

3. Add Molding

If your walls are looking a bit drab, try adding narrow molding strips to add some depth and definition. For very little money, you can create a much more upscale look in your dining room or living room.

4. Create an Accent Wall

Repainting your whole home is a pretty big undertaking. If you’re not up to spending your weekend throwing down drop cloths and tackling all your walls, consider painting just one accent wall in your kitchen or living room.

This is a great way to add style without putting in a ton of effort. And, if you don’t want to paint the whole wall, you can also use a stencil to paint on a unique design.

5. Switch Out Your Accessories

You don’t need to do a full redecoration job, but swapping out your accessories is a good way to switch up your home without spending a lot of money or time.

Consider replacing your throw rugs and throw pillows with something a bit cozier and more fall-friendly. You can also set out some scented candles or other fall-themed knick-knacks.

Funding Your Weekend Home Improvement Projects

You can undertake most of these projects without shelling out serious cash. But, it’s still important to make sure you have the money you need before you start making changes to your home.

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing online budgeting tools. These tools make it easy for you to track and manage your funds.

You’ll know exactly how much money you have to spend and won’t have to worry about your home improvement projects breaking the bank.

Looking for Home Improvement Inspiration?

Once you’ve completed these weekend home improvement projects, you might be interested in doing more to update your home.

If you want to make more changes and need additional inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out these great houses today if you need more ideas.

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