Wuxi Xidong: A Pedestrian Bridge Inspired by A Loving Couple Dancing Image

Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge 4

Inspired by a loving couple dancing image, Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge becomes the most iconic bridge on the Xidong Central Lake. The local design institute comes from Tongji University Architectural Design & Research Institute and Bridge Engineering Design Branch / LDI. This pedestrian bridge is an awesome bridge in Huishan New City with the 1st prize of Invited International Competition in 2011.


Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge 1

The bridge is linking the two sides of the Xidong Central Lake. The total length of this bridge is 176 m with 10 m in width. The free high is about 2.7 m on the island with 35 m of the pylon height. The main design of this bridge is the independent oppositely inclined pylons complete with the cable-stay fans.

Bamboo Deck

Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge 2

The integrated structural elements of the Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge is wrapped with the silvery white cladding. The bamboo deck on the bridge looks like to float on both sections. This economical design makes sure that the bridge has a different and unique appearance when it is seen from all directions.

Two Inclined Pylons

Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge 3

The two inclined pylons are the main element of this pedestrian bridge visual appearance. Those pylons are built on a central island which is man-made that can be accessed with two sets of the stairs. The pylons are the inspired symbol of the loving couple dance.

Lake Visual

Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge 4

The Wuxi Xidong Pedestrian Bridge is not only awesome with its best result as the first winner of the Invited International Competition in 2011 but also becoming the most amazing visual for the Xidong Central Lake and for the Huishan New City.

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