18 Amazing Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 10

When you need to remodel or makeover your bathroom interior, you can start from the tiles. A bathroom is the best room to get beautiful and awesome tiles on its floor and also its wall. Usually, the interior design of this room comes from the type of the tiles that you use. The key to choose the right tiles for your bathroom is not only from how the tiles look but also the size and the material that fit well in your bathroom. Let’s see these 18 bathroom tiles ideas first to get more inspirations.


1. Blue Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

The soft blue color of the bathroom tiles gives the room a natural style. It is also unique because the tiles are used differently. If you often put the tiles vertically, now try to put them on your bathroom wall diagonally.


2. Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

Things that make this bathroom shower looks amazing surely is the bathroom tiles. The tiles are kinds of regular tiles but the blue color makes the tiles beautiful.


3. Small Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

Event when you have a small bathroom, you can still makeover it with bathroom tiles. The tiles are enough to make your small bathroom looks prettier, especially for creating a cool accent on it.


4. Bathroom Tiles with Wall Decor

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

This bathroom has a cool black tile on the wall, especially the shower. The wall decor like a frame and also the towel holder are a good choice for decorating the interior.


5. Dreamy Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

This bathroom has a clear white color design for the interior but the patterned tiles on its floor add a beautiful accent to the whole room. It is a kind of dreamy bathroom that you need to have.


6. Bathroom Tiles for Shower

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

You can use more than one type of bathroom tiles for your shower. For example, using bathroom tiles to be combined with stones for the shower floor and wall.


7. Decorative Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

The blue color and the pattern of those bathroom tiles are really stylish. The tiles can be the most decorative things for your bathroom interior design.


8. Bathroom Accent with Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

When you don’t want to makeover all of your bathroom interiors, then you just have to give a great accent to one good spot like a shower. Just use the bathroom tiles to beautify your shower.


9. Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

You can also use your bathroom tiles to create a color accent in your bathroom. This idea is using a black and white color accent of the tiles for the wall and also the floor.


10. Bathroom Tiles with Black and White Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

You can choose first where the perfect spot for the black tiles or the white tiles is in your bathroom. Make sure you use bathroom tiles with the pretty pattern too for the decorative style.


11. Bathroom Marble Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

The bathroom interior design is also often decorated with a beautiful material like marble. You can use the marble tiles for your shower, especially the wall.


12. Hexagonal Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

Once, bathroom tiles don’t have more random shapes and sizes to choose. But today, there are a lot of cool bathroom tiles with a unique shape like these hexagonal tiles.


13. Bathroom Tiles with Light Bulb

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

The light bulb in this bathroom can show up the bathroom tiles clearly. The furniture with the white sink is also perfect for the natural design of the bathroom.


14. Minimalist Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

This minimalist bathroom has a minimalist design style too for the tiles. The tiles come in small shape and they are decorated with a beautiful pattern too.


15. Bathroom Tiles with Mirror

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

Your bathroom sink needs a great bathroom tile too, especially for the wall behind the mirror. The combination of bathroom tiles and the mirror will be a perfect thing for your bathroom sink.


16. Bathroom Glittering Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 16

Source: Pinterest

The glittering tiles are stylish tiles for your bathroom. This kind of tiles can make a decorative look for the bathroom interior because of its glitter effect.


17. Tile Shower with Shelf

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 17

Source: Pinterest

The idea of using tiles to make some shelves in your bathroom shower will make the bathroom design looks simple. You don’t need any new shelf to be used in your bathroom.


18. Black and White for Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 18

Source: Pinterest

This bathroom doesn’t only have the black and color accent on its interior design but also amazing way using two different shape tiles for the floor and the wall.

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