The Bronx Box: The Efficient Urban Residence

The Bronx Box The Efficient Urban Residence 6

Resolution: 4 Architecture tends to focus on designing efficient urban spaces which are also cost-effective for the residents. With that in mind, the architecture firm built an urban infill prefab called The Bronx Box which is located in Bronx, New York. Finished in 2008, the house is situated at the foot of the Throgs Neck Bridge on the Bronx’s Eastchester Bay. The house is stood nine feet above grade due to rising waters, making it taller than other houses in the area. On another note, the Bronx Box can be considered as a form of welcome home present for a war veteran. If you want to know more about this urban cost effective resident, check out the following information below!

The Bronx Box

The Bronx Box The Efficient Urban Residence 6

Considered as a narrowed-space residence, the two-storey house contains built-in cabinets spanning the house. For the first floor, it has an open living room, dining, and kitchen area that flow directly onto a raised deck. There are also exterior grandstand stairs which are served as the path that will direct you to a pier sticks out into the Eastchester Bay and the house’s outdoor living room.

In addition, the house features off-street parking as well as a touch of greenery outside. If you look upward, you will see an expansive roof deck where you can have the stunning views of the bridge, bays, and other surrounding areas. Overall, the Bronx Box showcases the Modern Modular system in a narrow urban lot with an absolutely unique design that fits the eclectic flair surrounding the neighborhood.

Master Bedroom

The Bronx Box The Efficient Urban Residence 5

Next is the second floor where the master bedroom is located. The master bedroom has a fireplace and a balcony as well as a master bathroom with enough natural lighting.

Roof Bulkhead

The Bronx Box The Efficient Urban Residence 4

Before you reach the expansive roof deck we have mentioned above, you need to go through this metal-clad roof bulkhead. Carefully sculptured, the roof was designed within the zoning restrictions so you can have access to the expansive roof deck above.

Source: Architecture Week

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