3 Simple Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

For you who want to create a modern and elegant living room, using a simple interior design idea will be perfect. This kind of interior design is easy to be done. You don’t have to use many interior elements or a lot of decoration to create a simple appearance. If you need more ideas for your simple living room, here are some simple interior design ideas for the living room to inspire you.


1. Time Tunnel by HAO DESIGN

Time Tunnel 7

This beautiful freestanding house is designed with a modern interior and old Japanese style that combined by using some interior elements. The combination of this interior and style in the living room of Time Tunnel make it looks simple and pretty.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. Scenic Ballade by HAO DESIGN

Scenic Ballade 1

Thi awesome living place is designed with a classic interior and simple yet stylish decoration. The living room in Scenic Ballade is dominated by white, beautified by some darker elements that come from the grey sofa and a warm grey rug.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Blue and Glue by HAO DESIGN

Blue And Glue 16

In this family home, a perfect balance of the interior comes from the combination of modern and contemporary design. This combination can create a simple appearance, including in the living area of Blue and Glue. This living room has a comfortable blue sofa, a warn rug, and a round white table.

Photography: HAO DESIGN