11 Easily-Applicable Bathroom Storage Hacks

There are many small things we keep in the bathroom. But with so little space and lots of water splashes, it is most likely to be a little bit tricky of how to store things. Now check out these 11 bathroom storage hacks to apply.


1. Beauty Magnet Strip


Via instagram/avianbrands

Be it pin set, hair pin, nail clips, or anything, do not leave them off on your bathroom sink table. If you need them nearby the sink, install a magnet strip on the wall beside your sink. All those beauty tools will stick on it. But make sure that all of your tools are made of metal.


2. Wine Rack Towels


Via instagram/noodleandgin32

Typical rack towels might take up more spaces. If you need them as compact as possible, use a wine rack. Roll the towels and stack them like wine bottles. To make it more appealing to see, arrange them by size.


3. Towel Ladder


Via instagram/allire365home

But if you don’t like the idea of rolled-up towels, you can try this another bathroom storage hack. Not just neat, this towel ladder can also make an aesthetic factor to your bathroom.


4. Wall of Make Ups


Via instagram/aishahc_design

Store your blush on and eyeshadows with pride by making a wall display of it. Put a magnetic sticker at the back of each makeup product. Then, install a magnetic board on the wall. Arrange the make ups neatly on the display board.


5. Hanging Creams


Via instagram/diyvideofeed

Try another way to keep your lotion and face wash. Install a hook at the tip of the bottle and hang them on a clothes rack. It is mess-free and practical.


6. Bath Tub Table


Via instagram/interior/design/stuff

Ever feel like sipping a drink while having candle light bubble bath? Then you need a piece of wooden board to use as a bath tub table. This way you can still have your drink within your reach without worrying that it might spill down to the tub.


7. Rod of Toiletries


Via instagram/girlshacks13

The easiest place to keep your toiletries is right beside your bath tub so you can pick it up and put back practically. And the easiest way to keep those neat is by investing on a shower rod so your toiletries would not slip and fall.


8. Mounted Jars


Via instagram/girlshacks13

Needs a cute bathroom decor that works as a storage too? You can this idea to mount some jars to a wooden board using ring and screw only.


9. Hanging Baskets


Via instagram/girlshacks13

So this is another cheap idea of storage bathroom hacks for you who need to keep so many things in it. All you need to buy is just one shower rod and several plastic baskets.


10. Hanging Jars


Via instagram/vanpirediary

Another idea of storage bathroom hacks is by hanging jars on a clothes rack. It is simple and tidy yet you can still pick up the jar and bring it to the shower or sink if you need it.


11. Personal Boxes


Via instagram/lovemyinsanity

Make personal boxes like this is effective to avoid your family member to takes the wrong toothbrush and such thing. Play with colors to match your bathroom interior theme.

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