13 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Space

Easy Storage 04
Easy Storage 04

Storage can be a bit problem for small space. But there are always easy tricks to get things done. Check out these 13 easy storage ideas for small space to make your tiny room neat and decluttered.

1. Framed Style

Easy Storage 01

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Who needs jewelry boxes on the counter? Just have a framed nest and you are all set. This way of keeping all of your pretty little things is neat and tangle-free.


2. Shawl Stacks

Easy Storage 02

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Don’t have enough cupboard for your collection of shawls? Try this trick instead. You can also do it for towels or napkins.


3. Wall Display of Books

Easy Storage 03

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No place for a book rack is not a problem. Just make a narrow rack on the wall and arrange your books with their covers facing forward. It takes less space yet looks more interesting.


4. Hidden Books

Easy Storage 04

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Another idea for under stair is to make a small reading corner with book display on the wall. It is neat, pretty, and cozy. It can even work for the narrow stair.


5. Clothes Under Stairs

Easy Storage 05

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The diagonal ceiling under the stairs might be impossible to use as a room. But you can use it as the clothes hanger. Arrange your clothes from the shortest to longest so it looks well-organized.


6. Rack of Boxes

Easy Storage 06

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A strong rack from floor to ceiling is best to keep containers for your storage. Don’t forget to have folding stairs nearby to reach the higher box. Put the lightest box on the highest rack and the heaviest on the top bottom.


7. Drawer Bed

Easy Storage 07

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Big cupboard would eat up your bedroom space. Instead, built some drawer under your bed so you don’t need to use another space.


8. Higher Drawer Bed

Easy Storage 08

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Have more clothes to keep? Just built a higher bed to make more rooms for more drawers. You can also transform the steps to reach your bed into more drawers and end table.


9. Corner Treasure

Easy Storage 09

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Don’t let your corner to be empty and creepy. Live it up by mounting some wooden boards to make a simple rack where you can display photos and your favorite decoration.


10. Hanging Cabinet

Easy Storage 10

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Hanging cabinet is always an easy storage idea for small space. You can do it for the kitchen, for book display, or anything you need to keep.


11. Hanger of Hanging Cabinet

Easy Storage 11

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Now to make the most of your hanging cabinet, you can screw some hooks on the bottom surface and use them as hangers. There! More space for storage.


12. Lunch Box Drawer

Easy Storage 12

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You have no plenty drawer to sort your your little things based on their category, but it couldn’t stop you to be well-organized. Make use of medium-sized lunch boxes to keep your little things sorted and well-kept.


13. Nesting Tables

Easy Storage 13

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There are times when you need more tables but you don’t really have space in your house for more furniture. Then the most convenient and easy storage idea for small space you can try is to invest on nesting tables like the picture above.

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