12 Nice Ideas for Your Modern Kitchen Design

Bored with the sight of your kitchen? Losing interest in cooking there? Hmm, that is a bad sign. To some people, the enjoyment of cooking is not just the activity itself, but also the supporting environment. If you feel that your kitchen is no longer stimulating your interest in what usually your hobby is, then it is time for you to check out some modern kitchen designs.

Of course, when it comes to modern kitchen designs, it takes a lot more than just having a makeover. You need to decide on the concept that you want, whether it is suitable for the space you own, and how long it will last. Some modern stuff can last if it goes, while others can be as timeless as the classics themselves.

So, let us go over these options before you come up to a final decision:

1. Minimalistic and monochromatic

Many would go for something simple by using this idea. Imagine having a kitchen’s lacquer cabinetry with a clean, modern aesthetic. Surely, that white kitchen will cost you a lot of energy in cleaning, but since it is a neutral color, you will not have to worry too much about matching it with other furniture.

2. The Hive for the artistic kind

So, you are not just into cooking, but also considering it as an art? Then you need more colors in the kitchen to keep you all hyped as you experiment with new recipes there. Classic industrial decors with a modern twist will make your kitchen look unique, especially with the black and white honeycomb pattern on the floor. It makes the wall look well-blended, and both parts of the room go together.

3. Layered lighting for the monochromatic

Are you worried about your kitchen looking dull with those neutral colors? Layered lighting may solve that problem. These hanging lights with 11 bare bulbs will make the open kitchen and dining room look more dramatic.

4. Another black-and-white combo: black valcucine and cabinet against the white wall

A lot of modern kitchen designs often involve monochromatic stuff, like a black valcucine and cabinet against the white wall. Of course, the only thing that might be a bit problematic is when you clean up. Black often conceals the dirt that stays there longer than it should if you miss it.

5. The fluttergon

Want to add another color besides the neutral ones? One of these modern kitchen designs does involve not only white but also dark amber. Even with your kitchen cabinet, wall, and dining room mostly painted in white, the dark amber, butterfly-style light fixtures will add a little edge to it.

6. Back to nature with the wood island

Whether you live in the suburb or an apartment in the central city, there is nothing wrong with choosing something more organic to decorate your kitchen. With the woods as the main material, your kitchen will look more elegant, classic, and timeless.

7. The black granite floor for your kitchen

At first glance, this design might remind you of a nightclub setting. However, that does not mean having the black granite floor is exceptionally for that. For you who love the nightlife and inviting people over for a private party, this design will do. The only common problem with this color is when you clean up afterward, despite the fact that the granite material is washable.

8. Orbital

No, we are not talking about a sci-fi movie here. First, the appliances are neatly hidden. There is more space on the floor. The counter design might remind you of a bar or a pub downtown, but with more elegance. The orb lights hanging above will make the kitchen look perfect – especially for a Christmas celebration.

9. Add a statement in your kitchen

Wait, what does that mean? If you have a sense of humor and artistic taste, a brass counter and a hardware gleam against the cabinetry will make your kitchen look as if it is the only one in the world. Well, unless other people start copying your style.

10. Post-modern and industrial

Famous American interior designer Nate Berkus has come up with this postmodern and industrial design for your kitchen. The light fixtures (with the hanging bulbs in metal cages) and marble wall tiles add a touch of class to it. The teak counters also make it more unique.

11. Chocolate marble cake

Hmm, are we talking about some yummy cake in the bakery? Nope, but this type of meal obviously inspires this design. The kitchen cabinets will remind you of the sweet chocolate. The marble countertops are the frosting texture. It looks so cute that make you want to bake more. You can even choose the stools that might remind you of the icing sugar, like the ones you sometimes get on top of your birthday cake.

This kitchen design is perfect if you also love baking cookies and chocolate cake.

12. Moroccan-style

With a white kitchen cabinetry and Moroccan tile, they make a perfect combo. Enough said.

There are many other modern kitchen designs that you can choose. You might want to use one of these or have your own ideas. Whatever it is, make sure that it will make you fall in love with your kitchen – and cooking – one more time. Make sure this time it lasts.

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