Coffee Table Styling as Modern Urban Decoration

Modern coffee culture has spread outside coffee shops and into houses. Coffee table styling is no longer an afterthought, but an important part of interior decoration. Combining ease and practicality, a decorated coffee table is popular among urban populations. It does not require too many things, and people can use stuff they have at home.

Design Pointers in Coffee Table Styling

Styling a coffee table is not hard, but there are several design pointers to create a balanced look. They are:

  • Proportion

A good design must not rob a table for its function. There must be enough space to place cups, trays, and guests’ small stuff. This means paying attention to the table size and width.

  • Balance

Decorations with different heights can cause “crooked display” when arranged haphazardly. A good coffee table design shows a good balance between each decoration, even if they have different sizes and heights.

  • Collection

“Collection” refers to a cluster of similar objects, such as candles, books, or trinkets. They are common design elements in professional table styling. They also create a focal point for the table, binding all the decorative elements together.

  • Theme

Theme helps homeowners finding the right objects to decorate their coffee tables. A theme such as “beach”, “Asian culture”, or “romantic” determines the types of objects homeowners can arrange to get the intended look.

Finally, a good decoration must pay attention to practicality. Like any furniture items, a table needs regular cleaning. An ideal urban home design must allow the homeowner to clean easily.

Common Objects to Style Coffee Table

Coffee table decoration depends on the owner’s taste and budget. However, there are many objects in the house that serve well as coffee table decorations, such as:

  • Mini candles

Aromatherapy or mini candles create a romantic look. Engraved candle holders create classic elegance, but there are more modern or casual options to hold candles, such as mason jars and mini lanterns.

  • Trays

A tray can serve as the “base” of all decorations, but it also makes cleaning and moving things easier. There are many trays with unique decorations available at offline and online stores. They are perfect to create unique coffee table design based on personal style.

  • Books

“Coffee table books” provide both beauty and practical function. Hardcover books with elegant, colorful, or minimalistic designs are great decorations for the coffee table. They can also provide a conversation starter with guests.

  • Bowls and jars

Decorative bowls and jars are beautiful but functional. Many of them have specific designs that can be matched with the house’s interior design. They also serve as containers for candies or small treats for guests.

  • Plants

Plants provide life and colors on the coffee table. Tall vase with flower bouquet is a popular decoration, but there are many other unique options. Small containers such as box planters or unused teapots are great for mini flowers. Succulents and cactuses provide more characters on the coffee table.

  • Traditional trinkets

Various cultures around the world have provided inspirations for trinkets. Traditional cups, bells, jars, lanterns, statuettes, and plates give special characteristics to a coffee table.

Other common decorations include seashells, ceramic cups and plates, music boxes, and vintage portraits. However, all homeowners have all options based on their preferences, taste, and home designs.

Coffee table styling is an easy way to create a statement in the living room. Try experimenting with different styles to get eye-catching design element.

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