Wood Dining Tables Come in More Styles Than You Think

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What do you think of when somebody asks you to imagine a wooden dining table? Maybe a traditional country house table comes to mind, or a sleek, modern, minimalist style in a nice light colour.

Those tables are popular and beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with them. However, that’s not the end of the story. Let’s check out a few other styles of dining room tables you may not know about.

Asymmetrical Illusions

Imagine a table with legs that look symmetrical from one angle, but not from another. The pedestals on which the table rests are designed to look like identical from one perspective, but the moment you turn around and see it from a different side, you’ll realize they aren’t at all the same.

Fun, playful bases for a table bring whimsy to a piece of furniture that otherwise commands gravitas and holds the room down. Industry leaders like Woodcraft let you customize the size and choose the surface’s texture.

Choose from smooth, rough-sawn, random planed, or rough cut. You can also select the wood and colour for the table itself. 

Piper Tables

Think of a round or oval table with smooth wood piping for a base instead of legs. The vertical lines surrounding the base give a clean, modern look, while you can choose a round or oval-shaped table based on preference and the size available.

Piper tables make a quiet statement and manage to fit into urban or rural design schemes. They come with the option of two piper pedestals instead of one in the centre.

Hillhurst Tables

Some tables make a visual impact by embodying understated harmony and symmetry, like the Hillhurst table, with its double pedestal base shaped like a filled-in capital C, with the curves facing outwards.

Elegant but subtle vertical lines in the bases complement the wood grains on the table’s surface. Choose a dark wood and finish for a modern look or go the timeless path by selecting a lighter tone of maple, oak, pine, vintage cherry, or wormy maple.

Classic Four-Legged Tables

Today’s dining room furniture lets you make a loud statement with a classic design. Four legs on a dining room table might be conventional, but certain styles of legs really take things up a notch.

The Roxborough dining table has slim, elegant legs that look thin or wider depending on the angle from which you’re looking. The skinny profile lends a sense of sophistication. Other solid wood tables have legs angled inwards, mirroring the inward bevel of the tabletop.

Don’t think that all four-legged tables are the same. They can be modern, classic, and other styles in between.

Twisted Bases

Think of a classic pedestal for a table made of metal but twisted up, like it was made of a manipulatable material, like paper. For a little bit of flare and style, a wood table with a twisted metal base is perfect.

The base looks almost like the base of a chess piece, except turned in on itself. The powder-coated black metal should be expertly welded, so there are no visible welds. 

Magic Tables

Perhaps the most creative tables on this list are river inlay tables that use a colourful epoxy to fill in the long, curving crack in the table’s top. Usually, the resin inlay is blue, so it looks like a “river” is winding its way through the table. Black resin is also available for those looking to make a playful but elegant statement.

The tables are made of solid wood and come with beautiful chrome legs. No two magic tables are exactly alike because the cracks with the resin inside are each unique. If you want a signature piece that makes quite a splash, magic tables are perfect.

Lakefield Tables

Combining the old and new, we have the Lakefield table, which pairs reclaimed barn wood atop a double pedestal base made of industrial, powder-coated metal. Rather than straight metal legs, the frame is bent inwards to give a little flare.

There are usually options for the base, as you can choose chrome, wrought iron, and other materials. You should also be able to pick a different solid wood for the top. Barn wood is in style, and reusing old materials is environmentally friendly, but you can opt for a different wood and get the same exciting look.

Like all the tables above, when you go to a real artisan furniture builder, you can customize the size, colour, finish, and more.

A table is much more than something that holds your food, plates, and cutlery. Families spend some of their most treasured moments seated around their table, sharing meals, celebrating occasions, or even just doing homework or hanging out.

Choosing a solid wood table is a great way to heighten the atmosphere in one of your home’s most important rooms. Consider all your options, and you’re sure to get a table you love that really fits your style. 

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