How to Make Your Furniture the Focal Point of the Living Room

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Since 2020, more people have been investing in their home decor, specifically in terms of key furnishings. According to Furniture Today, 2021 alone saw furniture spending jump by over 20% in the USA. As of last year, this trend shows no signs of slowing as consumer trends continue to underscore the importance of creating a personal home escape.

That said, if you’re a homeowner or renter who has similarly purchased beautiful furniture, it makes sense to make them the focal point of your space. A ResearchGate study revealed that over 70% of people spend their time in their living rooms, and this area will be the perfect stage to appreciate the furniture you’ve invested in. As such, here are a few tips and tricks on how you can highlight your own living room furniture:

Use bolder shades and finishes

The eye is naturally drawn to the most vibrant hues in any room. This doesn’t just mean going for bright neons or startling jewel tones, either. Instead, you can also play with saturation and depth. As seen on e-commerce furniture retailer Living Spaces, pieces in deep shades can also be attention-grabbing. The Grant II is a coffee table that lifts up from the top, making it perfect for additional living room storage, but its natural, dark grey color gives it even more character. The lift-top cocktail table features industrial metal details, a sliding barn door on both sides, and a weathered charcoal finish, so it’s a great conversation starter without stealing the show from the rest of your furniture. With this rustic style, the piece’s personality can shine alongside more polished pieces.

Create a neutral backdrop

To really ensure that your furniture stands out, keep the rest of the living room neutral. This will create a versatile canvas for your furniture pieces. Since these colors are muted, it allows you to showcase your furniture with ease, no matter their style, color, or silhouette. Additionally, if you choose to go with a lighter neutral shade, you can make your space seem bigger. This is illustrated in a glossy white apartment by Alexander Tischler, which was previously featured on this site. By opting for a neutral like white, cream, or even beige, the eye gets to travel, thereby creating an illusion of more room. This serves the additional benefit of allowing you to add more furniture pieces without the room looking stuffy. One of the easiest ways to achieve a neutral backdrop is by painting the walls a light color with a clean undertone. Sherwin-Williams’ Snowbound is a safe bet thanks to its classic finish that can shift to a soft greige in a different light.

Apply strategic lighting

When making furniture the highlight of a living space, the right lighting can make or break the room’s composition. This is similar to the lighting approach in films or art galleries. With the right illumination, guests will immediately know what a space’s primary subjects are. For example, Aurora Adjustable Downlights are a form of recessed lighting that can be moved to focus on a particular area. For your furniture, this is akin to having a spotlight placed directly above or close to it. Since this form of lighting also has adjustable temperatures, you can control the coolness or warmth of your light to suit your furniture and home’s overall color palette. According to the online interior design publication House Digest, this form of lighting is also a great way to add ambiance, which can further set the mood for your living room.

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