Feng Shui 101 – How to Create a Balanced and Harmonious Home

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Feng shui is all about creating harmonious spaces that support our daily lives. One effective way of creating positive energy in these environments is through regular decluttering, adding natural elements, and adopting symmetry principles.

Positioning furniture and decor intentionally is also key. Color has a tremendous effect on energy flow; soothing hues such as blue can help relax a space, while vibrant hues can energize it.


Feng shui makes use of color to bring balance and harmony to a space, including using warm hues such as red or orange to bring energy and vibrance while soothing hues such as blues or greens can promote serenity in any given area.

Feng shui utilizes the Bagua Map as a way of understanding how each room in your home reflects different aspects of your life, such as wealth and family. Additionally, this tool suggests decorating spaces according to their energy.

To create a harmonious home environment, when making decor selections remember the five elements of Feng Shui: earth, fire, metal, water and wood. Each has different properties and energies that can contribute to overall wellbeing; for instance earth brings grounding while wood signifies growth and new beginnings – using color choice and furniture placement effectively will support these qualities in your space.

Natural Elements

Add natural elements to your home as another way of creating harmony and balance. These include wood, fire, earth, metal and water which represent different energies that can be enhanced or diverted through furniture placement, decorating colors or natural materials.

Wood, as per Feng Shui principles, symbolizes creative energies, growth and expansion; as well as helping regain focus and clarity. You can include this element into your home decor by placing wooden furniture and displaying metal decor items.

Water is an element that symbolizes wisdom, flow, intuition and renewal. Water helps release what no longer serves you and supports renewal. You can add this element into your home with green elements or objects with curvy shapes such as fountains or aquariums with water features – or by clearing away clutter which blocks energy flow causing stress levels to soar. Each natural element has both productive and destructive cycles – each element should be used appropriately!


Introduce the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) into your home to achieve harmony and create balance. Each of the five elements – Wood (represented by green hues), Fire (reds) and Earth (beige and brown tones) bring comfort and grounding while Metal’s white metallic colors foster clarity and efficiency.

Furniture placement for balance and symmetry is another key part of Feng Shui. Select a focal point such as art or a fireplace as an attention grabber that draws people in while simultaneously helping spread energy more evenly throughout your space.

Feng shui experts advise clearing away clutter and keeping spaces tidy to ensure positive chi flow in your home. In particular, kitchen leaky faucets must be fixed promptly as their dripping symbolizes wealth dwindling away; and cabinets and counters should be free from clutter as this blocks its path towards positive energy flow.


Adopting proper furniture placement, accentuating the five elements with decorative items and using colors and textures are essential components to creating a home that feels balanced and secure. For assistance on getting started, consult with an expert in Feng Shui.

Cerrano states that the goal of feng shui is to create an environment which fosters psychological wellness; this includes creating feelings of safety, calm, peace, support and power or control in your environment.

To improve the feng shui of your home, place wood furniture near elements such as fire and metal. Hang art in the children and wisdom quadrant of your home as well as natural elements like greenery or water features to amplify feng shui further. Also ensure doors can fully open – a non-opening door may prevent new energy and opportunities from entering your life, particularly closet doors that don’t fully open all the way!

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