How To Make Your Own Smudge Stick and Cleanse Your House

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Transform your living space into a serene sanctuary with the ancient art of smudging. This time-honoured practice, deeply rooted in various cultural traditions, is not just about creating a pleasant aroma; it’s a powerful ritual for purifying your home and rejuvenating its energy.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple yet profound process of making your smudge stick using sage and other sacred herbs. Whether you’re seeking to cleanse your home of negative vibes, embark on a spiritual journey, or bring peace and harmony into your abode, our step-by-step instructions will make it easy and meaningful. You can visit SpiritShack for more tips and advice on getting rid of a spirit.

Dive into the world of smudging and discover how burning these carefully chosen herbs can significantly uplift the atmosphere of your home, making it a more inviting and positive space.

Using a smudge stick is believed to help remove all negative energy that has built up in the house, purify the space and help promote peace and harmony. It is seen as a calming ritual. However, the meaning of it can differ from person to person. 

Using sacred plants, such as sage or other dried herbs, by burning them and allowing the smoke to go through the home is the act of smudging, and this can be done to cleanse your old home or just when you are moving into a new one.

Gathering Your Smudging Essentials: What You’ll Need

You will need these materials to make your own smudge stick.

  • Cotton and hemp string: Used to tie the herbs together.
  • Gardening Shears or Scissors: Used to trim the herbs.
  • Bundle of dried herbs: White sage is the traditional herb used. However, you can also use other herbs like rosemary, lavender, or cedar.

Steps for Making Smudge Stick

Step 1: Get your dried herbs together; ensure that the herbs you use have been thoroughly dried before you use them. If you buy dried herbs, ensure you get a good quality purchase.

Step 2: Use scissors or garden shears to trim the herbs, making each herb at least 4-6 inches long.

Step 3: Take a handful of the herbs and bundle them up tightly. Ensure that you align the stems of the herbs.

Step 4: Tie it all in a bundle using the hemp or cotton string. Start at the bottom of the herbs, wrap the string very tightly several times around them, and tie it all together with a knot.

Step 5: Hang the smudge stick upside down in a space with great ventilation for at least 1-2 weeks or until it completely dries. A wholly dried smudge stick will burn properly.

How To Use A Smudge Stick

Once your smudge stick has dried, it is ready to cleanse your house. When using the smudge stick, open your doors and windows to allow the smoke to leave the house before starting.

Igniting Your Smudge Stick: Beginning the Cleansing Ritual

  • Light the smudge stick and let it burn a little for a few seconds, then gently extinguish the flame. This will allow the herbs to smoulder and release smoke.

Navigating Your Space: A Journey Through Smudging

  • Take the smudge stick and walk around your house, specifically focusing on the corners of your home, the doorways and any areas you feel have negative energy. You can catch the ashes in a heatproof dish such as an ashtray or an abalone shell.

Setting Intentions: Transforming Energy in Your Home

  • While smudging your house, you can move through your home and set an intention for the cleansing. You can visualize any negativity within the house and replace it with positive energy and harmony.

Safely Concluding Your Smudging Ceremony

  • Once you finish this cleansing ritual, you can gently put out the smudge stick by tapping it against sand in a bowl or against a fireproof surface. Ensure it is completely extinguished to avoid burning in the bowl.

Safety Guidelines When Using a Smudge Stick

Here are some safety guidelines that you should keep in mind when you use a smudge stick.

  • Ventilation: Make sure you have proper ventilation in the area you are smudging. You can also open windows and doors to allow air to circulate within the room and prevent smoke buildup.
  • Fire safety: The smudge stick should be treated as any other burning object. Have a heat-resistant container for catching the ash and a small bowl of sand for when you want to extinguish the flames.
  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors: Disable your smoke detector for the time you are using a smudge stick so that no false alarms are going off, and once the smudging smoke has settled, remember to switch it back on again.
  • Practice Personal safety: Hold the smudge stick firmly to avoid embers or sparks falling onto your clothes and catching fire. Use a fan to help direct the smoke directly instead of your hand to avoid burning it.
  • Respect for others: If people in your home may suffer from respiratory issues or be sensitive to herbs, be mindful of doing it in the areas they aren’t occupying.


In conclusion, treat a smudge stick the same way you would when working with smoke and fire. Keep it away from fabrics within the house that can catch alight easily to avoid a fire breaking out.

For people who suffer from respiratory issues or have allergies to smoke, a window and doors should always be open to allow it to flow throughout the house and not accumulate in one area of the home, circulating the air.

Creating and using your smudge stick is more than a simple household task; it’s a profoundly personal ritual connecting you with ancient cleansing and renewal traditions. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have crafted a tool for purifying your living space and embraced a practice that nurtures peace, harmony, and positive energy in your home.

Remember, each smudge stick you create carries your intentions and respect for this sacred tradition. As you light your smudge stick and watch the smoke ascend, let it symbolize the transformation of your home into a sanctuary of tranquillity and a haven for positive vibes.

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