3 Aesthetic Architectural Trends in Pool Fences

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One of the greatest additions to any backyard is a pool. A pool transforms the backyard space and makes outdoor time much more fun. If you have a pool already or are thinking about getting one, you may also be considering building a fence around it. Fences provide both safety and privacy and can add to the overall aesthetic of the backyard. Read below to find out which new pool fence trend fits your style.


When you think of country style, you think of white picket fences, cheery and welcoming. A white fence with gaps in between each plank gives your pool area a sense of openness while maintaining safety. A perimeter fence like this with at least one gate is a great style for families with young kids. When it is pool time, the gate can be open while the parents watch the kids play but when pool time is over they can lock the gate to make sure that no children are accidentally stumbling into the water. 

This kind of fence can be tall or short depending on your needs and you can even expand it to include an area for lounge chairs or even a table. It serves as not only a safety barrier but also as a boundary between the pool area and the rest of the backyard. If you are still determining how high you want your fence, check out Prestige Pool Renovations for inspiration. They can help you change the design of your pool area and help you get exactly what you want.


This style of fencing is perfect for people who want a little more privacy when they are in the pool. Building a fence that can support growing ivy or other climbing plants gives the pool area a more natural feel and will make you feel like you are in a pool in the jungle.

There are two types of shrubbery fences: ones that are made of a solid material that can support climbing plants and ones that are made of a plant like a bush and trimmed into the shape of a fence. Both of these options take longer to develop than other types of fences because you have to wait for the plants to grow, but once they have grown, the result is beautiful. 


For a more modern look, many pool owners have opted for a glass fence to be put around their pools. This is the least private option but still allows for safety. When the pool is in use, parents can easily look through the glass to keep an eye on their kids while they play and when it is not in use, parents can still see inside to ensure that no one has wandered in there on accident. This fence style is also perfect for those who want a cohesive backyard with no barriers between the pool and other parts of the yard.

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Having a backyard pool is a big responsibility but also a great source of fun for years and years. Having a good pool is only complimented by having a beautiful fence to surround it. With this article, you have all of the information you need to pick the right fence for you.

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