Transform Your Forest Hills Backyard With These 6 Tips

a backyard with a lawn and a small house
a backyard with a lawn and a small house

The right design and decor can turn your backyard into one of the best parts of your home. With a little work and these tips, you can design the backyard of your dreams.

Start With a Tidy, Clean Lawn

Before you can envision a sitting area or yard games, you’ll need to ensure your lawn is tidy and clean. Give the grass the nutrients it needs with timely aeration and fertilization services. An ongoing pest control service can also keep your backyard free of pesky bugs. This is also a good time to put a mosquito prevention strategy in place. Mosquitos can quickly stop you from enjoying your backyard makeover.

Following an annual schedule that includes tasks like overseeding and pest control can keep your yard looking great. Taking care of any existing lawn diseases or dull areas of your lawn before adding furniture and designing is also a good idea. Identifying a weed control strategy ahead of time also helps you avoid unsightly weeds from taking over your backyard.

Professional lawn care services allow you to focus on the fun parts of a backyard redesign. By investing in a customized lawn care program, you can guarantee a beautiful yard that sets the foundation for the backyard of your dreams.

Add Sitting or Entertaining Space

The focal point of your backyard should include somewhere to sit and entertain. This might include a deck or patio. You could also add an outdoor rug to make the space even more cozy and clean.

Focus on modern, comfortable outdoor furniture and plenty of shade. Add a coffee or outdoor dining table so you can enjoy meals or a cup of coffee outdoors. Ensure you have enough seating for the whole family and a few guests. A few outdoor poufs allow you to add more seating without having to take up too much space.

Built-in seating is another option that can give your backyard a unique design. Consider adding bench seating to your deck or a large picnic table that can accommodate more people. You’ll love all the extra seating when entertaining for larger events. Add a few lawn games near the entertainment space to keep everyone entertained.

Invest In Lighting

Outdoor lighting can help pull your design together. Hang a few string lights around your sitting area to create a cozy vibe. A few motion-activated lights attached to the house or fence can ensure you have sufficient lighting for late nights spent outdoors. A couple of tiki torches can also give your outdoor area a tropical vibe while adding even more lighting.

Install a Few Speakers

Installing a few outdoor speakers means you can listen to your favorite playlists while doing lawn work or entertaining. You have a lot of options for choosing outdoor speakers. You can opt for a few basic speakers attached to the home’s exterior, or you could go with a full home speaker system. You can also find speakers that double as decor, such as large rocks, that connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Wireless outdoor speakers are also an option that can make it easier to enjoy your favorite music. Create a couple of playlists for your next outdoor party, including your favorite summer and fall songs.

Grow a Green Thumb

Flowers and plants are one of the best ways to transform your outdoor area. Many people also find that they enjoy working in the garden, testing out different flowers and plants. Beginners may want to start with easter-to-manage plants, like Plantain lilies, Devil’s ivy, Desert roses, or Peace Lilies. Of course, where you live also determines the best plant types.

Tennessee has a humid subtropical climate, and a few great plants to add to your garden here include the Tennessee Coneflower, Asters, Hydrangeas, and Virginia bluebells. Keep in mind that good-quality soil and the prevention of lawn disease are important to maintaining a beautiful, thriving garden.

Install a DIY Fire Pit

A DIY fire pit gives your backyard a unique design while also offering you a place for entertaining. You and your guests will love sitting around the fire on chilly nights, roasting your favorite snacks. Installing a fire pit is easy and can be done using a load of sturdy bricks. If you prefer, you could also purchase an already assembled fire pit. You can even purchase an outdoor coffee table that doubles as a fireplace, perfect for a more elegant design. Many of these fire pits use electricity, meaning you don’t have to store wood.

Spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful Tennessee seasons with a backyard transformation. After getting your lawn and garden in good condition, you can design the backyard you have always dreamed of. Before you know it, you’ll be spending your nights making memories with family and friends.

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