Phenolic Partitions: An Aesthetic and Functional Upgrade to Modern Restrooms

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Public restrooms, often underappreciated in terms of their design and functionality, are an integral part of our daily lives. These spaces, found in restaurants, offices, schools, and entertainment venues, serve as essential touchpoints for patrons and visitors.

However, to maintain hygiene and user comfort in public restrooms, partitions are necessary. The global toilet partitions market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach a market size of USD 2.90 billion by 2028. Phenolic toilet partitions, like the ones from ASI toilet partitions, have emerged as an exceptional choice, offering an ideal fusion of aesthetics and practicality.

Using these partitions represents a significant advancement in restroom design, delivering an attractive and long-lasting solution that elevates the overall ambiance and addresses essential functional aspects. Want to know more about phenolic partitions and how they help you upgrade your restrooms? Let’s dive in!

What is Phenolic Partition?

Phenolic is a robust material formed by bonding layers of fiber and decorative laminate, creating a dense and sturdy structure. A phenolic resin is then used in making phenolic partitions that add to their durability. They are very popular, flexible, and come in various distinctive colors and textures.

Benefits of Using Phenolic Toilet Partitions

Here are a few benefits that make phenolic partitions a great addition to public toilets or restrooms:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Phenolic toilet partitions offer a wide range of customization options to elevate the visual appeal of your restroom. These partitions can be tailored to match your facility’s design scheme with precision.

It’s because they have the ability to mimic the appearance of various materials, such as wood or stone, while providing a sleek and modern finish. So, whether you’re aiming for a classic, rustic, or contemporary look, phenolic partitions can seamlessly integrate into your restroom’s aesthetic.


Another benefit of phenolic partitions is that they are engineered to withstand the most demanding restroom environments. Composed of fused sheets of fiber and decorative laminate treated with phenolic resin, they create a dense and rugged structure.

This exceptional durability means that these partitions can endure high-traffic settings, resist impacts, and maintain their structural integrity over the long term, enduring a solid return on your investment.

Moisture Resistant

As we know, public restrooms are more prone to moisture and humidity than private ones, which leads to the deterioration of partition materials. Phenolic partitions, however, excel at moisture resistance.

The phenolic resin treatment and dense composition prevent water absorption, making them highly resilient in damp conditions. This moisture resistance ensures that the partitions remain free from warping, swelling, or mold growth.

Ease of Maintenance

The low-maintenance nature of phenolic toilet partitions simplifies restroom upkeep. Cleaning is a breeze, as these partitions are resistant to stains and are easily wiped clean with standard cleaning agents.

The need for repairs or refinishing is also minimal due to their sturdy construction and scratch-resistant surfaces. This saves time and reduces the long-term operational costs of maintaining your restroom facilities.

Vandal Resistance

Vandalism is a persistent issue, and phenolic partitions are made to mitigate this concern. Their robust construction and scratch-resistant surfaces make it challenging for vandals to inflict damage easily.

Furthermore, the materials used in phenolic partitions are also non-porous, which means they are less likely to be defaced with graffiti. This vandal-resistant quality preserves the partitions’ appearance and reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements, saving you money and time.


Phenolic toilet partitions offer a winning combination of aesthetics, durability, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, and vandal resistance. Their customizable designs enhance the restroom’s visual appeal, while their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in high-traffic settings. These qualities make them an ideal choice for modern restroom facilities.

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