5 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Walls for Interior Painting

Cheerful woman painting the walls of new home. Renovation, repair and redecoration concept
Cheerful woman painting the walls of new home. Renovation, repair and redecoration concept

One of the most important parts of getting your home refurbished is opting for interior painting for the walls. Wall painting can change everything about the way your home looks, even if it is the only thing you are getting done. 

Wall color is an important aesthetic of each house. These walls complement the furniture, creating the desired look. 

Today, in this article, we’ll help you prepare your walls before you get the paint job done so that you get the perfect indoor appearance.

When to Consider Painting Your Walls?

Painting your walls is always a good decision under certain circumstances.

Maybe you have moved into a new home and are going to refurbish the entire place to your tastes. Perhaps you are going to give your home a new aesthetic to start afresh.

Besides, in many cases, homeowners opt for interior painting services for walls because of the upcoming festive season. They want to accentuate their old home and give off positive, festive vibes.

So, there can be various reasons why one could be getting a change of paint, and they’re all perfectly valid.

5 Essential Tips for Preparation of Walls for Interior Painting

Walls are not readily free to be painted upon. They need to be prepared to achieve a smooth painted surface instead of a rough and uneven one. 

Hence, there are certain tips, or rather details, that you should pay attention to so you end up with only the best finish and a clean look. Here are 5 of those essential tips for the preparation of walls for interior painting.

1. Remove Adornments

Start by freeing the surface of your walls. Remove any wall clocks, wall hangings, paintings, nails, screws, and adjoining furniture before you start painting. If there is any wallpaper, tear it down.

It helps remove any obstruction that can slow down the wall painting process. After doing this, you are good to go for the next steps.

2. Clean Thoroughly

Now, you must clean your walls thoroughly. Try to get rid of stubborn stains and chipped paint wherever you spot them.

It helps achieve an even canvas for the paint to stick to. Even out the surface of the wall, however, you can.

3. Repair the Wall

If your wall has holes, broken areas, or any deformity, you must get rid of them before painting it. 

Use cement and other filling solutions to fix damaged areas. You can also sand the surface to achieve smoothness. These tasks are important to achieve an even surface so you do not face the problem of chipped and uneven paint later on.

A repaired wall is the best way to achieve a look that appeals to the onlookers.

4. Cover Adjoining Areas

An important part of wall painting involves protecting the surrounding areas from getting stained.

So, line the borders of the walls that adjoin with switchboards, other walls, ceiling, floorboard, windows, etc., with tape and related objects to ensure the paint stays where it is supposed to be.

5. Prime the Wall

The last step is to, most certainly, prime your walls. It is crucial to ensure good paint adhesion and a long-lasting interior.

So, invest in a primer that is well-tested, and coat your walls with it according to the manual’s instructions. Particularly in abrupt wall color changes, it is important to use a primer so that the applied paint has a consistent spread and finish on the surface.


The great expectations from interior wall painting are all convergent with getting a professional look that surpasses any other.

Following the above-mentioned tips for preparing your walls before painting them ensures a smooth, even, and aesthetic finish, exactly the way you planned.

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