Why Is Brutalist Interior Design Making A Comeback?

Loft home office interior design
Loft home office interior design

Your home is not only a place to stay and relax, it is an emotion that gives you warmth and  comfort of being at your own place. Everyone wants his home to be perfect in all aspects while it is about the interior or exterior of the home. Brutalism is an architectural style which is known for its rough textures, unfinished walls, neutral tones and geometric forms.

Brutalist has a surprising and captivating ambience in the world of interior design. The brutalist architectural style has come a long way since its original peak back in the late 1950s to 60s. The essence of brutalism has come up with its way into the hearts and new homes in London and  many other urban dwellers.

The term brutalism is  derived from a french term “Beton Brut” which means “Raw Concrete”. It is an architectural style characterized by massive, monolithic forms and a heavy use of concrete, steel, and glass.

In this write-up, we will dive into the reasons behind why Brutalist interior design is coming back, involving its historical roots, unique traits and different factors for its popularity.

Where is Brutalist Architecture Common?

Brutalist architecture was at the peak of its popularity in 1940 to 60s. It was a presentation throughout the landscape of the world and. Brutalist interior design was the most favored construction style for the most formal and government construction sites.

 The raw, bold and brash brutalist architectural style builds confidence in the observers to make it a perfect fit for government commercial buildings. Brutalism isn’t a term to come back, it has never gone away. There are many remarkable brutalist buildings around the Globe and surviving till now. The names of nations of these brutalist buildings are Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, United States of America and Canada.

Brutalism means something raw and strong but it might contain a variety of designs. The different variations are dependent on the originating nation and the creativity or the designer.

The style of brutalism is not coming to buildings only even it is coming back to furniture designs. It always works well with other styles like industrial chic and simplicity. The style enhances aesthetics and makes it look cool, strict, and well-organized. The geometric forms and straight lines are real and useful in home settings.

How Brutalism Enhances the Interior Designs?

Brutalist interior design attracts through its unique blend of industrial construction structure and an essence of minimalism. The comeback of this brutalism can come up with multiple compelling factors.

Architectural Authenticity

The architecture of  a building makes a significant impression on an observer. It is not only to impress someone and  it shows the strength of a building. A world full of sleek and polished designs, brutalism comes up with an out of the box interior and exterior designs. Brutalism celebrates authenticity and the unvarnished beauty of materials like concrete.

Evoking Revival

When you have a lot of things in front of us, you get attracted towards only the different ones. In this modern world with urbanized techniques and unique architecture only the vintage homes will attract your eyes. If you have noticed, you must have realized that trends are cyclic in nature. That means something which is in trend these days can come back after years with a modified design. Similarly, Brutalism had a great come back in the construction field. The newer generations find the ambiance attractive that they did not experience personally.

Acceptance of Flaws

Nothing is perfect in this world. One should always accept the flaws and flaunt them in a way that you proudly accept. Nowadays you must have seen the flawless buildings that contain spotless and completely smooth design, however, brutalism accepts flaws and highlights them as vital parts of the designs by exhibiting cracks, textures, and the accumulated wear and tear through the time.

The Final verdict

Brutalism is a great comeback in this modern world as it comes up with sustainability and modern twists on a classic style. The brutalist architectural designs are becoming a perfect fit to sustainability as they promote use of materials acquiring energy effective design components. The innovative technology and different adaptations create a bridge to fill the gap between past and present construction building techniques and designs.

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1 thought on “Why Is Brutalist Interior Design Making A Comeback?”

  1. Oh heavens no! I wouldn’t exactly say that brutalism is making a ‘comeback’. I would say that brutalism is being seen more in mainstream media, yeah, that’s a good way of putting it.
    You see writers writing dystopias are loving to use brutalist architecture to help them come up with the setting of their stories. For me, I love how the brutalist architect can be used for more than just a setting, but it can also be a metaphor for the state of mind, especially concerning the characters and protagonist. Nothing says disturbed, then a room that looks like a prison, in a near distant future that features corruption and discord, or war.
    However, many people still greatly dislike brutalism, that’s both men and women, young and old. I highly doubt people will be using brutalism in their living spaces, it’s a very depressing style that will never catch on, unless a country starts to become a living dystopia.

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