7 Tips And Tricks To Give Your Home A New Look

Modern interior design.
Modern interior design.

Do you ever look around your house and yearn for a new interior? You’re not alone. According to a study conducted in 2021, homeowners expressed a renewed interest in renovating and redecorating their homes. During the 2019 pandemic, people opted to work from home and stay in rather than go out. This meant an increased interest in changing their living spaces.

Also, real estate prices have risen significantly. For example, even though Syracuse has much more affordable housing options than many other cities, buying a new house might not be easy for younger residents. Thus, remodeling your living space might be the best option without spending too much.

Changing your house’s interior to reflect your ever-evolving personal style might seem daunting and expensive. However, starting with something relatively simple, like changing the color of your walls or rearranging the furniture, could breathe new life into your home. You can also incorporate some new art pieces to make your home more suited to your style. We’ve assembled some ways to aid you in your quest to make over your home.

Replace old windows to allow natural light

Imagine a nook in your house where you get plenty of sunlight, where you can place a comfortable couch and a plant or two. Wouldn’t you want to laze around in that sunny corner forever? During the summer months, Syracuse gets plenty of sunshine. However, if your windows become chipped and dull over time, and due to Syracuse’s harsh winters, you won’t be able to enjoy the pretty tableau we described above. Get your windows replaced by the best Syracuse window replacement company, allowing you to enjoy the sunbeams filtering through.

Maintain the cleanliness of your windows by washing them with mild soap and water. Don’t rub too hard; it might blemish the glass. Change your blinds or curtains for an improved appearance of your windows.

Change the color of your wall

Painting the walls a new color can completely change the look of your home. You can use light-hued colors like beige, white, or gray to make a room look bigger. Using a neutral tint also allows you to incorporate splashes of color around the room through furniture or rugs. Add an accent wall to break up the monotony of your primary color. Stick to one color for all rooms for a cohesive look. You can also pick paint colors that are complementary. Make sure you don’t lose your style while redecorating.

Get some plants

Whether natural or artificial, plants certainly liven up a room. Cultivating a garden can also add to the appeal of your house. Many beautiful flowers like Daylily, Lily of the Valley, and roses thrive in Syracuse’s climate. If you’re looking for indoor plants, you can opt for Aloe Vera, Bonsai, etc. Placing plants indoors improves the air quality, decreases stress, and brightens the aesthetics.

If other things take up too much of your time, buy an artificial plant to brighten up a corner. They’re easy to maintain and look as pretty as living plants with none of the hassle.

Throw out the junk

Over time, we accumulate quite a lot of junk around our homes. Before buying anything new, getting rid of useless things is a great first step. Let Marie Kondo take over you, and start by throwing out the possessions you no longer need. Removing junk will clear up a lot of previously occupied space. Then you can add new pieces to freshen up your abode.

You can also go for a minimalistic atmosphere and reduce the knick-knacks dispersed around. This approach will make a room look bigger and neater. A minimalistic décor also means less stuff to clean. Lastly, keeping fewer elements in a room will enable you to draw focus toward a statement art piece or an alluring wall hanging. Win-win!

Rearrange your furniture

A great method to modify a room is to reorganize the furniture. It could be as simple as moving your bed near the window or moving your couch away from the wall. Moving furniture away from the walls can make the room appear larger. If you have a bigger space, you can create multiple groups of seats and tables around the room.

If you’ve arranged your furniture around the television, choose a different focal point for a change. Aim the furniture towards a window or a bookshelf. You can also place your couches or chairs around a large coffee table for a different effect. Repositioning the furniture of a room can give it a whole new air.

Update the room’s accessories

From modifying the kitchen sink taps to buying new throw pillows, little alterations around a room can make a huge difference. Candles make an environment seem cozy and romantic. Place candles on coffee tables or side tables to produce an intimate atmosphere. You can also put down coffee table books to elevate the vibe. To liven up a neutral-hued room, place a bright table runner. You can also hang up an attractive art piece.

Modern light fixtures can give any room a classy look. Adding a chandelier over the dining table will lend it an old-timey charm. Opt for a chandelier with exposed bulbs or a geometric lighting fixture for a contemporary feel. Sculptural lighting is another new trend that is very appealing to the eye.

Spruce up your entrance

The first thing your guests will notice is your front door. Polish or repaint your entrance to cast a good impression. Another pleasant accessory can be a nice welcome mat or a pretty hanging on the door. You can also place an aesthetic potted plant near your front door if you don’t have a garden.


With a few alterations, your living space can achieve a brand-new aesthetic! Without breaking the bank, give your rooms a contemporary appearance by reorganizing your furniture. Change the placement of your television, or simply refocus your seating around another accessory. Scatter scented candles around the room to create a cozy atmosphere or change the overhead lighting to something softer and more diffused.

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