4 Wise Home Remodeling Projects to Boost Its Resale Value

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Are you thinking about selling your place? Wonder what could you do to make it better placed in this market? The best starting point is to consider remodeling projects. In this article, we will try to help you with that.

Keep reading for home remodeling projects that will boost your house value, plus make it more convenient for your budget at the same time.

Fresh paint job

This one is self-explanatory for real. Nothing says ‘clean home’ like fresh paint on the walls. Painting your home before listing it for sale will not only make the space look cleaner, it will be cleaner for real.

Dust, dirt, stains, and everything that happens to our walls are pretty normal things. Crayon or marker art pieces that little ones often do right there on the wall are also something that is a natural occurrence for living, breathing tenants. So, no big deal there, fresh paint comes to the rescue.

If painting is not enough to give some fresh air to your house, it is advisable to perform a furniture removal too.

Woman painting interior wall with paint roller

Colors also have special powers when it comes to the aesthetic of the home and its overall look. A great choice of color for walls can make a place appear brighter, more spacious, cozier, and put together.

If you are handy with paintbrushes, this can easily turn into a DIY project, therefore saving you money on professional painting services. If you opt for more advanced and complicated projects, we suggest consulting home remodeling contractors.

Replacing old windows

This one is both for better aesthetics and energy consumption! Old windows’ ability to control draft lowers is lowered with time. They might still look fine, but they are definitely not the best option for heating/cooling.

During winter the cold air from the outside can poke through old windows, and the warm air from the house gets out which makes it harder to keep yourself warm, plus requires more energy. The same goes for summer heat and the cooling system.

Cat laying down on a house window views from outside

By investing in proper windows that are durable and draft-proof, you can up the final price for your home as it is more energy efficient which is currently a very important criterion on the market. The same goes for doors, especially wooden ones.

Matching the floor

Whether it is wood, carpets, or tile, having a matching floor all over the house makes it look visually more put together and neat. This investment however can get pricey, depending on how you want to do it.

First of all, you should check the state of the floor. If there are cracks, scratches, dirt, or any type of damage, take care of that first thing. After a good check-up and a swipe, you can now plan your project.

Do some calculations and see which option comes as the most cost-efficient one, but whatever you decide to do, know that matching floor definitely can help you get more interest from customers!

Mock up frame on white wall in minimal living room with wooden floor. Generative AI

Smart home improvements

Smart homes are all the rage now! The ability to control kitchen appliances, cooling/heating, and security systems with a couple of clicks on your smartphone is one of the greatest uses of technological development in private homes.

Of course, the demand for smart homes is on the rise. This is quite the investment, but will surely make your home shine bright on the market. This is especially the case if you invest in smart home security.

Smart home control

Security is something that is always much needed and appreciated. If you make your potential buyers envision their future home as a neat and safe space, you are halfway there to putting that ‘Sold’ sign in the backyard.

Whether it is putting fail secure magnetic locks or starting with surveillance cameras, this project might take more time and money. We suggest you take your time with it and consult professionals if needed.

Good luck with your projects, and fingers crossed for the upcoming house-selling journey!

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