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The lushness and greenness of Phuket Islandic town attract people from far and wide. Although ranked as one of the most expensive places to live in Thailand, the city is relatively cheap and affordable compared to its European counterparts. As an ex-pat living, vacationing, or planning to spend some time in Thailand, Phuket is a great option. It is a deluxe community of island properties, exclusive buildings, and impressive landscapes, but it is pricier to live there in Thailand.

Many rankings are placing Phuket among the top five (5) expensive places to live in Phuket. But it is also one of the best communities to live in the country.

What are the prices of flats in Phuket?

Flats prices in Phuket are based on the part of Phuket it is located in. It may interest you that even Phuket has expensive, medium, and low-cost neighborhoods. In the resort ex-pat designed/ modified areas, real estate is the highest in Phuket. You can find more affordable properties in the capital city, but if you are on a low budget, you can try properties in the local area. Those areas are also fun to live in as you will experience grassroots living and a direct interface with the Thai people.

The median cost of property in Phuket

The median cost of flats in Phuket is about five million Thai Baht. A dollar exchange at an official rate of 32.88 Baht as of February 2023. Converting at the current rate, you will need about 152,110 United States Dollars to get a condo in Phuket. Please note that luxurious apartments with modern provisions are much more experience than the median value stated above. Such may run into 6 million Baht above, and villas are higher. To check out available listings in Phuket, Thailand, read more on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate.

Most impressive neighborhood in Phuket

Are you an expert looking for the best neighborhood to purchase a property in Phuket? Here are some of the most impressive locations based on the environment, the kind of properties, and the level of relaxation in the area.

1. Kamala Beach

Properties in Kamala Beach are hot-cakes in the Thailand Property market, and they sell out in no time. If you are targeting this area, you may need to move fast.

Why Kamala Beach?

Lying between Sunil and Patong beaches, Kamala Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Phuket. Its natural outlay of palms and trees just by the waterside gives people a place to enjoy nature away from the harsh sun. It is also a great place to sunbathe. For lovers of busy areas, you will find Kamala Beach mostly quiet.

What is Kamala Beach known for?

The rocky open spaces of Kamala beach make it known for snorkeling games, and the tree shades are used as relaxing spots. The beach has calm waves and is good for swimming. Prices in Kamala Beach are quite on the higher side.

2. Bang Tao, Laguna

Located only a few kilometers from the Bang Tao beaches are the complexes of Laguna. An area that is widely celebrated for its cool evening breeze and the modern Laguna suites. Splendid for residential purposes, there are various apartments and property limits for ex-pats, immigrants, and lovers of luxury options.

Why Bang Tao?

About six kilometers long, Bang Tao is relatively quiet and splendid for rest time. You will find resorts and hotels towards the southern part of the beach, whilst the other areas are quiet and serene.

What is Bang Tao Beach known for?

Bang Tao beach is known for its many exotic resorts. Regardless of your budget, this beach area is one of the best and busiest places to lounge in Phuket. You can find barbecue servers, sports beach fields, and shades of all kinds of snacks, both local and foreign delicacies. You can visit this beach on a relatively low budget and have an exhilarating time due to the many options.

3. Rawai; Nai Harn

Welcome to Rawai beach, Nai Harn, Phuket, one of the most amazing snorkeling spots and fishing corners. Its low waves by the shores make it amazing for swimmers, including amateurs.

Why Rawai; Nai Harn?

There are amazing property options close to Rawai, and the seafront views of Phuket’s major area from those buildings are absolutely breathtaking.

What is Rawai; Nai Harn is known for?

Living in this beach area gives you direct access to Phuket’s most fun seafood beach market. There are many fishermen who frequent the area and sell quality sea shells and food to the public. Another highlight of the area is the Phuket Shell Museum which holds some of the most iconic sea shells ever obtained from the area.

Quality seafront living options

If you are searching for a quality seafront lifestyle in Phuket within a reasonable budget, then you should try those locations above. Other cool beaches and spots include Kata Karon, and Layan, Chen Talay of Phuket.

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