5 Smart Packing Tips for Your Next Move

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Moving can be an exciting yet stressful time. Most new home buyers look forward to moving but are not thrilled about how much work it takes to prepare for a smooth transition. The key to a successful low-stress move, whether heading to San Diego or San Antonio, is to get organized and start early.

It takes time to transfer all of your belongings to a new home. The first step is to purge anything out of your home that you won’t take with you. Once you have pared down, it’s time to start packing. If you aren’t sure where to start and are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task, you aren’t alone.

Packing and relocation in San Diego is a big job. With busy careers and family obligations, finding the time to pack up a household can be challenging. Let’s take a closer look at a few genius tips for your next move.

Make a List

Before you start taping boxes together, you need to get organized. As soon as you have a moving date, it’s time to start planning. Write down all the tasks that must be completed before you move. Once you have a list, it’s time to prioritize your tasks. Writing everything down on paper will help you to visualize your moving plan.

Start Early

Packing up a household is a huge undertaking. It’s best not to leave everything until the last minute. Once you have a list of your moving tasks, you need to start ticking off items on your list early. Waiting too long to make all the necessary arrangements for the move could be disastrous.

You need to schedule a moving company as soon as you have your moving date. Most moving contractors are busy, so if you want to get an appointment, it’s best to make arrangements as early as possible.

Full Purge

One of the great benefits of moving is the opportunity to purge your belongings. There is no sense in packing and transporting items you won’t need at your new home. Now is the time to start throwing out unneeded items and paring down the belongings you want to bring to your new home. Include these spaces on your purge list:

Linen Closets

  • Get rid of old threadbare or stained bath towels
  • Throw out odd sheet sets
  • Consider bathroom accessories and if they will match your new home

Bedroom Closets

  • Donate all outdated or ill-fitting clothing
  • Purge items that you never wear
  • Get rid of purses, ties, shoes, and accessories that you don’t wear

Basement / Garage


  • Old pots and pans discarded
  • Unmatched Tupperware thrown away
  • Old foodstuffs, past their dates


  • Pack all photographs and wall hangings
  • Sort through magazines and books
  • Pack decor items and other accessories

Packing Supplies

You can’t start packing for your move until you have all the right supplies. If you want to ensure that all your belongings reach your new home safely, investing in the right packing supplies is best. You might want to consider large vacuum bags for bulky items like clothing, bedding, and various-sized boxes.

Ensure you have enough protective wrapping for all your fragile items. You can get rolls of bubble wrap for your dishes, glassware, and delicate items. It’s best to use new boxes rather than ones from the grocery or liquor store that could carry contaminations.

Detailed Labels and Instructions

Most people hire help when they are moving. To help ensure that your belongings remain safe on their journey and upon their arrival, it’s essential that all items are clearly labeled. When your moving team arrives at your home, the clear marking of all your boxes and cartons will help keep your items safe. Adding the contents of each box to the label, along with the room destination, will ensure that each box arrives at the right room in your new home.

If you are preparing to sell your home, you will have many details to address, including your moving plan. To help you stay on track, follow some of these genius packing tips for your next move.

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