7 Cheap Ways to Make Your Living Space Look Fancy

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The latest apartments are available in modern construction and architecture. Advanced technology, perfect location, parking spot, basketball court, and other services are provided to facilitate the people.

One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for rent in victorville ca are available for the students; this provides them with their personal space and maintains their privacy. Every resident has a right to decorate his personal space according to their interest and aesthetic sense. It is a chance for them to showcase their aesthetic sense by decorating their personal space. The problem is decorating a small space to look wider yet more beautiful.

1. Use the mirror as decor

Use mirrors to help the room appear bigger. It will not only help the room appear bigger, but a light reflection will help the room create a sense of light and space. This will help to save energy as; one light will be enough to lighten the room. Not only this, but mirror furniture is very in and is considered essential for personal space. Mirrors give an aesthetic sense to a simple room; it is not essential to use a boring mirror to spice up the room; mirror collages and broken mirror decor are also considered beautiful decorations.

2. Use fresh paints to showcase esthetic

Paint has the ability to change the look of the whole apartment; not only will this help the room appear bigger, but it will be new and fresh. Using dark and bright colors like red, black, orange, and yellow makes a room appear small. On the other hand, using soothing and neutral colors like light blue, light green, and white make a room appear fresh and wide. Select neutral colors rather than hot colors. White is preferred to help the room look bigger.

3. De-clutter space

Remove the excess furniture and stuff you have not used for a year. This will help the room create a sense of space. Using a minimal furniture strategy also helps in saving time and money as a student. This will help you to remember where you have kept things. Light always helps the room appear big, bright, wide and spacious. Use as much daylight as possible, keep the windows uncovered, and try not to block any window with furniture or drapes. But if you want to add drapes, use the same patterns of drapes as the wall. This will also help in making college park apartments look wider.

4. Add cushions to your living space

Cushions enhance the beauty of the apartment. You can place them in sofas, beds, and swings to add color to the area. They bring warmth to the décor and add to the comfort of the house. Since they are used and have rough handling, they need to be hardy. People sit on them, sleep on them, throw them and cuddle with them. Durable and comforting cotton cushions are a popular choice. They are easily washable and can be dried easily also. They are available in various prints and patterns. If you are a creative person, you use your leftover pieces of fabric to craft your cushion fabric.

5. Drapes and curtains can be more alluring

Designer curtains stand out in the home décor. If you have a plaid fabric on your sofa set, designer drapes add to their dullness. Embroidered fabrics are another choice among those who like thread work. This gives a vintage look to the house.

6. Put Table Lamps in the corners

Table lamps for concentrated lighting are always a great option, but other than lamps for tables, consider oversized pendants, large lanterns, and even floor lamps. They play a dramatic role in drawing attention towards the house’s décor. Dimmers are a must. You are ready to throw a party, or you just want to have a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner. For both events, you need occasion-specific lighting in your apartment. A light controller can help you to fix the mood in your apartment.

7. Consider Lighting Sources

Each room needs a minimum of three sources of lighting. Overhead lighting is the first need; task-specific lighting in the form of a table lamp in the corners of the room can be the best option to make the area more dramatic. The bedroom, for instance, needs some romantic and dim lights, while the living room needs some bright lights for parties and get together. All the artificial lights and fixtures make a great deal of difference in the apartments. Apart from this, however, keep provision for the entry of natural daylight in the apartment.


Your beautiful apartments for rent in victorville ca need your consideration, so you must focus on the ways that can enhance their beauty. All the above-mentioned ways are highly wonderful, practical, and budget-friendly. These are all easy and low-budget home decorating for small apartments, which make you feel warm, comfy, and convenient.

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