Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

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Living in small spaces, like a studio or one-bedroom apartment, may seem restricting to those with an eye for interior design. However, with the correct items and practices, you can transform any space in many ways, regardless of size.

Read below for some of the best design tips to boost small spaces.

Shorter Furniture

When decorating small spaces, you want to create the illusion that they are larger, so it feels more functional and less cramped.

Using furniture pieces with lower heights helps create that effect regardless of your ceiling’s height. Of course, don’t make everything too short when doing this, as this will make sitting or getting anything challenging.

Furthermore, you can throw in some high shelves or tall indoor plants to emphasize or exaggerate this particular effect.

Multifunctional Spaces

Living in small homes or apartments means you can’t afford to have clutter because it will easily take up your space. That’s why storage is vital for smaller rooms.

Use every corner to accommodate built-in cabinets or open shelves. You can also use furniture storage to make your room multifunctional. For instance, you can use a storage bed as a second dresser without taking up any extra space.

Furthermore, this design idea is perfect for home offices and bedrooms. However, it’s also useful for other parts of your small space; for example, using modular storage benches in reading nooks and dining areas.

Creative Divider

Room dividers are excellent for apartments or homes with open-plan spaces. They’re vital for boosting privacy and segregating areas based on activity or use.

Moreover, various divider options are available for smaller spaces. Apart from the classic divider, among the best choices are bookshelves. Using bookshelves as a partition can offer your room an unorthodox or boho-style feel. Furthermore, they add personality and sophistication to your space.

The best spot for bookshelf dividers is between the bedroom and the living room. It is better to get one that is accessible on both sides.

Meanwhile, if you’re going with dividers, try using ones with creative patterns or designs. If you have a knack for arts and crafts, you can paint over them, too, to add character.

Other unique divider options include curtains and hanging screens.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures and Appliances

Space is vital in studio apartments and smaller rooms. That’s why it’s best to declutter the floor to maximize every space available.

Consider incorporating wall-mounted light fixtures, like sconces, instead of lamps. Doing this will also help reduce wire clutter on the floor. This tip also works for your TV. Additionally, mount your TV to the wall so that you won’t have to have a separate piece of furniture for it. Also, it decreases your wire clutter.

Natural Lighting

Maximizing natural lighting is one of the best ways to make your small space feel breathable or less secluded. If you have a big window, you shouldn’t block it with thick curtains. Instead, use something white with a lighter fabric.

Furthermore, you can make your space feel airy by incorporating white walls and flowy linens on furniture pieces. Making your room feel more relaxed also helps make it feel less compact.

You can also add the scents of organic black seed oil to add a mild and earthy fragrance to the room. This addition can impact the ambiance of the space and can be an excellent match to the natural lighting.

Gigantic Mirror

Incorporating a giant mirror in any room helps create the illusion that your space is bigger. You can achieve this by investing in human-sized mirrors that you can set up beside a wall.

With giant mirrors, you can reflect a significant part of your room to make it look like you have an extension or another portion of your space.

Furthermore, having a giant mirror helps boost natural light through reflections. Because of this, you help your small space feel more breathable.

Statement-Making Plants

Small spaces often limit homeowners in growing indoor plants. You must choose wisely if you plan to take care of one in your studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Go for plants that offer a big interior design statement. Instead of going for indoor plants, go with indoor trees. Some of the best options include fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, and parlor palm. Set any of these in an empty corner to achieve that dramatic flair.

You can do so if you still want to grow more than one plant. However, growing small ones might be better than collecting more indoor trees. You can put them on open shelves or hang them on the ceiling to prevent occupying too much space on your floor.

Impactful Artwork

Including artwork, like paintings, in any room is an excellent idea to add creativity and sophistication. However, the number of art pieces you can incorporate is much more limited in small spaces.

If you want to include any item, it has to be something that provides an impact. For instance, if you wish to hang a painting on your wall, you should use something big that nearly takes up an entire wall as a focal point.

Meanwhile, if you’re scared of having one artwork take over an entire wall, you can create a gallery with small ones. Always choose artwork that reflects your design preferences.

Smart Decorations for Small Spaces

When decorating small spaces, less is usually more. Sometimes your big interior design statements depend on different items and how you place them around your room. While the tips mentioned are excellent examples of decorating small spaces, don’t limit yourself to these ideas. Remember that the key is clever placement and sticking with your design preferences.

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