Three Tips To Cope With The Stress Of Moving

Moving boxes with packed stuff and chair for moving

There are many reasons why we may need to move home, some way more stressful than others, and when it comes to packing up and leaving that can only increase the stress levels.

The likes of relationship break-ups, drug addiction, new jobs, new adventures, and much more can all be reasons why it’s time to move on, and many people see moving day as the most stressful live event.

But of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are ways in which you can make it that little bit more stress-free, and here are our top tips…

Get the organization sorted early

The organization is key to any move and that begins with sorting out all your possessions. Don’t think you can box it all up and go, you’ll have collected all sorts during the time in your current home and it may be that you need to have a declutter before you go, otherwise moving day is going to be longer, and more stressful.

There will also be admin bits that need sortings, such as finding a new GP or dentist. Get that stuff done early to save doing it as you’re packing up or unpacking.

Save a box for comforting items

You’re going to have a lot of boxes when you move, and you aren’t going to be able to unpack everything and have your new place looking brilliant in one day. In fact, it’s unlikely you will in one month!

Therefore, for that moving day, have a box of home comforts so that you can prioritize that one box when it comes to unpacking. It can be a stressful day and having those items can be instrumental in you feeling better, whether it be a special pillow, mug, candle, the bubble bath you like, or anything else.

That’ll help you settle into your new home, even if everything else is still in boxes.

Look after yourself

If you are moving because of reasons such as a break-up, addiction, or any other reason that has been damaging to your life, it’s especially important to look after yourself. Take one step at a time. It is going to be a more anxious time for you, so being able to manage that is key.

That can mean taking time out to do breathing exercises, going for a walk, or even going out to spend time with your friends. Slow it down at a pace to suit you and ensure your own mental well-being takes priority.

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