How to Determine the Right AC Size for Your Workplace

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Choosing a commercial air conditioner is an essential decision for the company. You need one that would meet your needs to ensure a comfortable temperature in the workplace. There are various things to consider when buying one, including the brand, model, added features, and price. Another vital detail not to overlook is the size. Buying the right AC size has several benefits, such as:

  • Ensure efficiency. The correct AC size will run efficiently, so it wouldn’t have a hard time cooling the office. A unit bigger than you need would cycle quicker, consuming more energy. But a small air conditioner must work harder to reach the required temperature.
  • Boost comfort. It will be powerful enough to maintain a comfortable space, helping employees be focused on their work.
  • Prevent premature breakdowns. If the air conditioner needs to work extra because of its incorrect size, it could lead to various problems, including damage to its parts. You can prevent this by getting an AC that matches your requirements.
  • Help the system last longer. Since it’s the correct size, it will not overwork, thus preventing early replacement.

So, whether you are buying an AC for your new office or replacing an old one, be sure to choose the right size. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Measure the room size

Measure the office space you need to cool to calculate the size of the air conditioner you need. The BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is the rating that determines the capacity of the AC to cool the room. A higher number indicates higher power. To have a rough estimate of what you would need for your workplace, multiply its square footage by 25, and you will get the BTU you need. However, it’s not the only factor to consider, as other things could affect its cooling efficiency, like the room’s insulation, and traffic, which we will discuss below.

Determine the AC type

There are generally two types of air conditioners. An office air conditioning professional can install them for you. Proper installation is critical to ensure it works efficiently regardless of the AC type. You can choose between a window AC unit, which can only cool one room or a central air conditioner that may be more expensive but can cool multiple rooms.

Consider the traffic

Determine how much traffic the room will get. It includes the number of employees and customers. If you expect to have many people in the office, you may need to increase the unit’s capacity as it would require more power to cool a crowded area. In addition, the body produces heat, increasing the room’s temperature.

Check window location and size

Another thing to consider is the location and size of the windows in the office. A space with huge windows that directly face the sun will have a higher temperature, so you would need an AC with a higher capacity to maintain coolness.

Do not pick just any air conditioner to use in your office. Instead, get the right size that meets your needs to ensure efficiency, comfort, and maximum lifespan.

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