4 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

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Even the strongest roof can have hidden issues and damage that isn’t visible, and that’s why regular roof inspections are essential. As a home’s first line of defense against the elements, the roof is always vulnerable. Maintaining the roof properly will extend its lifespan while keeping the home safe and comfortable. Here, we’ll explain the basics of roof maintenance and list a few reasons to schedule your next roof inspection.

How Often Should Homeowners Schedule Roof Inspections?

It’s best to schedule a roof inspection if you believe there’s been damage after heavy winds or a strong storm. If you’re unsure, inspect the home from ground level, looking for debris, dents in the roof, missing and broken shingles, and other trouble signs. Call a Primo roofing expert for an inspection then and at least once per year afterward.

Storm Damage

Bad weather is a problem, even here in Philadelphia. After a severe storm, a roof inspection will point out missing shingles, damaged flashing, and other issues. Prevent additional problems and help your roof last longer by scheduling an inspection today.

Aging and Weathering

Philly’s climate is more temperate than the weather in some areas, but wind, rain, and sun exposure can still do a number on your roof. Repeated heating and cooling cycles cause a roof to expand and contract, shortening its lifespan. However, a local roofing contractor can help a homeowner understand their roof’s condition and plan for a future replacement. We’re here to help however we can; call or click today.

Water Damage and Leaks

A leaking roof may bring wet insulation, corrosion, rotting wood, mildew, and mold growth. With time, an unaddressed leak will cause devastating damage. If you’re noticing signs of a leak, prompt action may prevent continued deterioration. A professional roof inspector will point out hidden issues, find the leak’s origins, and keep it from causing further problems. Schedule your appointment online or call today to get started.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

Drainage away from the home is one of the most vital functions of a roof. A damaged and waterlogged roof greatly increases the chance of moisture penetration and leaks, and with the amount of rain Philly gets in the summer, roofing damage is a distinct possibility.

Seasonal roof inspections help homeowners determine whether a roof cleaning will remove objects that prevent drainages, such as trash, debris, and leaves. Contact us today to learn how we can prevent roof damage, increase the roof’s lifespan, and prolong the need for roof replacement.

Bonus: Preserving Warranty Coverage

Roofs leak for various reasons, some of which are covered under warranties. A professional inspection will help you decide whether you should file a claim and also work to keep the warranty in effect. When you’re concerned about warranty coverage, we can help eliminate those worries. Call or click today to schedule a warranty inspection.

Where Your Roof is Concerned, an Inspection is Cheaper and Better Than an Emergency Replacement

As with other parts of the home, regular roof inspections can prevent numerous problems—and it’s much easier and less expensive to schedule an inspection than a roof replacement. If you have concerns or questions about the condition of your Philadelphia area home’s roof, get in touch with us to schedule a walk-through, an evaluation, and a service estimate.

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