5 Stunning Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs with Organic Setting

Breakfast and afternoon tea set floating around swimming pool

A swimming pool with an organic setting allows you to swim in a healthy and fresh environment. For an organic setting, you can use biological filters to increase the growth of good bacteria. Don’t forget to create a regeneration zone with plant life adjacent to the pool.

We have gathered 5 stunning outdoor swimming pool designs with an organic setting to help you to create a natural swimming pool.

1. Bedford Residence by Joel Sanders Architect and Balmori Associates

Bedford Residence 8

A stunning outdoor swimming pool design with an organic setting in Bedford Residence can create a connection between the house and its surrounding landscape. The regeneration zone around this pool is full of plants, an organic setting that can create a fresh environment.

Image Source: Joel Sanders Architect


2. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture

Gitarren Haus 12

A stunning outdoor swimming pool design with an organic setting also can be found in this big house. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture uses an organic setting for its outdoor pool by creating a green zone around the poo. This zone is full of plants and stones.

Photographer: Katherine Lu


3. House Origami by Alexis Dornier

House Origami 6

House Origami by Alexis Dornier has a stunning outdoor swimming pool design with an organic setting perfect for a tropical area. This house is located in Bali, designed with a fresh swimming pool that is surrounded by a lot of tropical plants.

Photography: Alexis Dornier


4. Stark House by Park Associates

Stark House 1

If you have a large backyard, this stunning outdoor swimming pool design with an organic setting is worth trying. Stark House by Park Associates has a large green backyard with a swimming pool. Thanks to lots of green plants around the pool, a fresh environment can be created outside the house.

Photographers: Derek Swalwell, Edward Hendricks


5. Kentfield by Studio VARA

Kentfield 3

Kentfield by Studio VARA is a 1970’s ranch home that has an organic setting in its swimming pool area. Around this pool, the natural environment is preserved and kept to create a fresh atmosphere. Some green plants are also added to complete the organic setting.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte

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