10 Ways to Control Your House With a Smartphone

Controlling smart home with a digital tablet

Innovative home technology has become a delight due to its added comfort and efficiency. If you are a fan of running your home with smart devices, read on.

One fantastic way to control your smart home is with a smartphone. Aside from making calls, browsing the net, chatting with friends, listening to music, and taking memorable pictures, your smartphone can perform tremendous actions in the home. It can also be used to complement the kitchen design for your house if connected to smart technology, adjust lighting, indicate visitors in the home, and act as a smart key.

As an effective and timely room planning tool, your smartphone helps you save time and money and adds a complete touch of smartness to your home. Want to know how to use your smartphone for your smart home devices? Here are ten ways to control your house with your smartphone.

1. Adjust Your Home Temperature

With the introduction of smart thermostats with a Wi-Fi and iPhone application, you can easily control your house temperature from anywhere. Your smartphone lets you turn up or turn down your home’s temperature while you are away.

You don’t have to worry about coming home to a freezing house while you’re outdoors or excess heat while indoors. Your smartphone can cover this with a single tap. Thus, you invariably save money on avoidable utilities.

2. Tune Your Shower to a Desired Pressure

Interior Shot Of Stylish Modern Bathroom With Shower And Bath

Stepping into the shower to get a relaxing experience may sometimes influence the figure on your water bill. However, if you use a smart shower head, you can easily set your shower duration, and lower pressure saves water.

In addition, you can control the suction to give your preferred spray. Therefore, getting a smart shower head that can be controlled with your smartphone is sufficient to enjoy a wonderful shower experience.

3. Activate Motion Surveillance Systems

cctv security camera or home surveillance cameras video protection safety system guard

Motion security cameras are gradually replacing cable TV in the home. Unlike cable TVs, motion cameras are sensitive to movements and only switch on when any movement is detected. They can send feeds directly to your smartphone. This implies that you can be located anywhere worldwide and still be aware of what goes on in your home.

Moreover, you can change the security settings via your smartphone and connect it with other home automation systems. With this, you can control almost everything in your house from your phone.

4. Track Your Groceries

Returning from grocery shopping and realizing that you forgot to purchase some necessities can leave you frustrated. However, this experience can be eradicated if you have a smart fridge. Smart fridges are designed with a camera installed that can be connected to your smartphone. With this, you can see inside the refrigerator at the store to see what groceries need topping.

5. Conveniently Feed Your Pet

Cats near bowls of dry cat food.

Are you very busy and find it hard to feed your pets at scheduled feeding times? Worry no more! With a smart pet feeder, you can schedule your pet’s feeding time from your smartphone. This enables you to focus on your work while caring for your pet’s stomach.

6. Smart Cleaning

Thanks to robot cleaners, tidying the home has become an effortless task. You only need to control where it is to clean from your smartphone while you relax to a TV show or book. Moreover, you can schedule cleaning times, and the robot will engage in duty in your absence.

7. Improve Your Home Lighting

Controlling light bulb with mobile device

The introduction of smart light bulbs has given people the ability to control the illumination of their homes. You can choose to brighten, dim, change the color of the lights and even turn them on or off from your smartphone.

8. Observe Your Laundry

The ability to multitask is a key to getting things done faster. You can set up your laundry and monitor it while you engage with other chores, right from your smartphone.

9. Smart Lock

Man Using Smart Lock Applicaition

Enabling smart locks and keys in your home can help you control the doors. You can easily unlock and close doors with smart keys on your smartphone. More importantly, you can also program keys for family and friends temporarily.

10. Identify Visitors at the Door

Smart doorbells allow you to see who came visiting while you were not home. Your smartphone will allow you to see anyone at the door and communicate with that person. Hence, you can easily control who you want to see and who you don’t.


Your smartphone is an easily accessible device that helps you plan your home quickly, and the possibilities are growing by the day.

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