These Backyard Fence Trends Are Dominating in 2022

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Trends are constantly changing, and it can get overwhelming to try to keep up with them all, even if you’re only going as far as fencing your yard. Types of wood fence designs can vary vastly, and you need help to sort your options out a bit.

What’s trending in 2022? Well, you have lighting, whether that be festive, party or mood-enhancing. There are also some trendy and environmentally sound eco-lighting. With good protection, your lights last longer, and other people want that long-lasting hand-in-hand with low maintenance.

Do any of those sounds like what you’re looking for? We’ll dig into these trends here.

Lighting For Your Fence

Are aesthetics the main concern you have with your lighting choice? If so, there are many avenues you can approach with lighting, such as:

  • Elegant lighting options, like lanterns, mounted lamps, or panel lights.
  • Low-level lighting is achievable by planting small pinpoint LEDs at the base of your fence in staggered intervals.
  • Concealed lighting is just a nice touch of mounted lights on the fence to act as a low-brightness accent to the other, brighter lights.

Those are just a few examples that can be utilized, and they all can be really cost-effective. For the occasions where you want to switch it up, swap out the white strips with some multi-color led light strips and attach them to the fence. An extension cord might be needed, of course, so prepare accordingly.

Going Eco-Friendly

Being cautious about the manufacturers you buy from and their practices is essential if you want to be green-friendly.

For example, check how the fencing company acquires the wood and how they handle reforestation. Do they replant every tree they cut down?

Federal laws have changed how lumber companies approach appropriating their resources. You’ll find that there are many eco-friendly companies out there, even if they’re solely doing what they’re required to do legally. Some companies have a better reputation for their practices than others. A simple Google search of the brand can give you an idea of where they stand on the environment.

While it doesn’t require a lot of effort, not many people are cautious of their carbon footprint with choosing their fences. This simple step makes a substantial difference.


Past trends focused more on aesthetics than on durability. Today, sustainability is paramount for millions of people.

Making sure your fence is able to survive the daily wear and tear is expected. But did you account for large storms that are common in your geographic location?

We can’t do much about Mother Nature other than look for the sturdiest fences we can afford. However, a surprising enemy to your fence’s health is, in fact, a weed wacker/mower. Getting guards for the bottoms of your fence posts is vital as the fence will start to falter from the constant damage of the blades/wire of your tools.


Those two words are music to everyone’s ears. Taking care of your fence and its looks can be tedious for anyone, or you might just not have time. How much maintenance you put into your fence could be solved by the paint you choose to cover the boards with.

Many paint brands can supply you with quality paint that is near-impossible to damage. It’s going to be pricier, but higher quality is definitely the way to go for lower maintenance.

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