2022 Trending Floor Textures

Office with wooden floor
Office with wooden floor

It is texture if one flooring element experiences more fads and trends than the rest. Aside from occasional innovations, choices for types of flooring materials are pretty well set in stone. It is the texture of our flooring that evolves and develops, and where we see new styles becoming available or old-style coming back into fashion. Here, we discuss what we anticipate to be the top 2022 trending floor textures.

Textures for Floor Surfaces

When we talk about texture in flooring, we describe how the floor feels and how it complements the other aspects of a room. Although you might take it for granted, you come into contact with the textures on your floors daily. From soft fabrics to hard surfaces like wood, each material has a different feel, and walking on it gives a different experience. We are accustomed to cooling, harsh finishes in wet areas and bathrooms, and many of us love the softness and comfort of a thick carpet in our lounge and living areas.

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If you’re thinking about changing flooring this year, don’t forget the element of texture- how the material will feel underfoot and how it will work when set against the other aspects of a room, such as the paint color, furniture, and fittings.

Natural Textures

With so many of us spending more time indoors over the last two years, there has been a real resurgence in textures that help to bring the outdoors into the home. Natural-looking and organic textures are among the 2022 trending floor textures we love the most. Think soft, thick carpet in shades of green, including pastels, mint, and forest green. There has also been much interest in using eco-friendly and natural fibers such as wool, jute, seagrass, and wicker.

Stone Based Textures

Another trend we anticipate will be hugely popular this year is stone and stone-look surfaces. With new technologies, you can now find vinyl and laminate floors with a highly realistic stone appearance. If you’re looking to recreate the look of granite, marble, slate, or concrete, you can replicate each of these textures with a laminate. A bonus is that laminate is much cheaper to install and warmer during the winter than natural stone.

Bleached Wood Texture

One of our favorite 2022 trending floor textures is bleached wood. Bleached wood floors have a softer look than standard wood flooring, and a lighter color on the floor can open the space in a room by bouncing the light around. While a natural brown wood floor tone never goes out of style, a lighter wood look has become popular over the last year.

2022 Trending Floor Textures 2

Natural Wood Textures

Hardwood floors are timeless, and a natural wood look can be achieved with real timber floors or a quality laminate on the market today. Wood and wood-look flooring give you an excellent foundation for any room, providing you with a blank canvas for adding other materials and textures. You might choose to soften your hardwood flooring with plants, a rug, or floral furniture.

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Aged Wood Texture

A rustic textured wooden floor with knotholes, grooves, and whorls gives the flooring a naturally aged look. On the other side of the coin is aged wood, which can add to the old-world charm of any room with a vintage or retro aesthetic. Take it up a notch with a sawn finish that gives the feel of a brand-new floor with the charming appearance of bygone days- it’s set to become one of the most sought-after 2022 trending floor textures.

Mixed Textures

Patterned floors are making a big comeback this year and add a distinctive style and appearance. A surprising and unique look can be created by using a combination of floor types across related areas of the home. Different materials or patterns can help you create zones or multi-use spaces. You might choose the same material or use a combination of hardwood and wood-look laminate to create consistency, but with more durable and easier to clean surfaces in the high-use areas.

Matte and Low Sheen Textures

Forget shiny and satin-based glossy flooring finishes. Flooring with a matte look is another of our 2022 trending floor textures. A matte surface looks great, doesn’t overpower a room, and has the added benefit of being easier to care for and maintain. Dust and dirt tend to show up less on matte floor surfaces, which is a bonus.

Bold Textures

If matte and low sheen styles do not suit you or your spaces, then it’s worth looking at the bold and bright laminate and vinyl options. These styles have also seen a recent rise in popularity. Many people want to add a bit of color, life, and fun to the areas of their homes, especially in rooms less traditionally associated with bright colors and bold prints. Nothing stops you from jazzing up your bathroom, guest room, or study with an unexpected texture. Even options mimic porcelain tiles, giving the appearance of a beautiful mosaic in bold blues and greens.

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Plush Textures

Also making a comeback as one of the 2022 trending floor textures are plush carpets. The fibers in the plush carpet are densely packed and create a thicker and softer carpet with a neat and consistent look. Thicker carpets add extra warmth and comfort to family, living, and rest areas and make a comfortable backdrop for days spent at home together.

Contact us if you have been thinking about changing your flooring in 2022. We will help you decide which would best fit your home. We can show you all the newest releases and samples of the 2022 trending floor textures. Reach out to your local Floorworld store for more information and find the best home products. For more information, visit www.floorworld.com.au or visit your local Floorworld retailer.

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