10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Moving To A New House

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Many homeowners think that moving involves a straightforward process of packing all their belongings and waiting for the moving company to pick them up and transport them to their new home. But in reality, moving is a journey with a series of essential steps, carefully planned to ensure the most predictable and least stressful move possible.

Homeowners need to consider more things in the moving process. Whether moving to the Boise area or any location, it’s best to know what you must do and what to avoid doing. This way, you can save effort, time, money, and trouble from your moving experience.

Check out the common mistakes to avoid when moving to a new house below.

1. Last-Minute Packing Of Belongings

Many homeowners procrastinate packing until only a few days remain until the actual moving date. This practice is a common mistake you must avoid if you want a less stressful move.

You must start packing your things at least a month from the moving date. Packing involves preparing the necessary packing materials and determining what items go in specific boxes. It also entails ensuring safe packing to avoid breakage and labeling.

You’ll need boxes, pens, paper, bubble cushioning, packing paper, trash bags, and packing tape. Aside from these, you also need scissors, a utility knife or box cutter, and painter’s tape.

Professional removals companies can help move families by providing expert packing materials and services for added efficiency and convenience.

2. Late Scheduling Of A Moving Company

A common mistake of people who want to move is the late scheduling of a moving company. Moving companies have busy schedules. Hence, you must schedule at least a month before you transfer to ensure you can move on your desired date. Otherwise, you’ll pay more to hire an independent moving contractor to move within a few days or weeks.

In addition, don’t forget to confirm your schedule or booking at least two weeks before the moving date. By doing so, you can check for any changes or problems that could delay or disrupt your moving plans.

3. Not Getting Moving Insurance

Moving always involves some risks, including breakages or damaged items. For this reason, homeowners should only deal with insurance moving or removal services. Insurance can help cover damages, negligence, loss, and worker injuries.

Moving companies may offer different insurance options, such as the following:

  • Released value coverage is free liability coverage based on weight.
  • Full value protection, also called full replacement value protection, can replace the damaged item’s current market replacement value.
  • Separate liability insurance is optional insurance that pays for the insurance amount subtracted by the basic carrier liability amount.

When you have moving insurance, you can ensure that your belongings are protected when the worst happens. It also protects your rights and those of the moving company.

4. Not Having A Comprehensive Inventory List

A comprehensive inventory list is vital in moving. This list includes all items that require packing, especially high-value items such as silverware, jewelry, and collectibles.

Before the moving company transports your belongings to your new home, creating a comprehensive inventory list is advisable. Take pictures of all your belongings for documentation purposes in case you need to file a claim or expense reimbursement.

When creating a comprehensive inventory list, you need to include the following categories:

  • Fragile items
  • Flammable or hazardous items
  • Fabrics
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bathroom supplies
  • High-value items
  • Home office supplies
  • Gadgets
  • Appliances

Keeping an inventory list is crucial when moving from one house to another. This way, you can keep track of your belongings to keep feeling organized, resulting in less stress.

5. Rushing The New Home Renovation Process

After buying a new house, the next step is repairing and replacing damaged fixtures. Home renovation must be planned properly to ensure your family’s comfort, convenience, health, and safety.

Set a budget, research, and hire the right people who can help make your new home more functional, attractive, and aligned with your lifestyle. Take time to do the necessary repair or replacement tasks before you move to avoid missing important details, such as upgrading the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.

6. Failure To Take Measurements

You have to ensure that you take measurements before moving. For instance, measuring the clearance space is crucial to ensure that your furniture, like your piano or large display cabinet, will fit through your new home’s front door.

7. Misplacing The Bill Of Lading

This legal document is a detailed list of your belongings that serves as a contract between you and the moving company. It ensures the proper household goods shipment, showing that they’re picked up, moved, and arrived at the new home. You can reference the bill of lading if any problems occur along the way.

8. Failure To Update Your Address

Change your address to the new one at least a week before your moving date. By doing so, your billers can send invoices and bills to your new address to avoid late payments and charges. Change your billing and physical addresses by logging into your online account, calling, or sending an email to your billers, utility services, and creditors.

9. Neglecting To Declutter

Many people pack at the last minute. So, they end up packing even the stuff they don’t need or no longer want. Don’t forget to declutter before moving to make packing a lot easier. You can sell unwanted items in a garage sale or donate them to charity.

Hiring a skip bin or junk removal company is advisable if you have plenty of things you want to get rid of before moving.

10. Choosing Any Moving Company

Many choose any moving company available on the date they want to move without carefully considering essential factors. However, failure to scrutinize the services and reputation of a moving company may cause costly problems, such as damaged belongings.

Before you choose moving services, compare the pricing, services, and reviews online. Read negative comments and determine how the moving company responds to them. You want to ensure you hire a trustworthy mover with the credentials and experience for a seamless move.


Are you ready to move? Moving to a new house can indeed be challenging and exciting at the same time. That’s why proper planning and preparation are essential for a successful move. Don’t rely on your packing and moving skills. Moving professionals can help you throughout, from packing fragile and bulk items to delivering your belongings to your new home.

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