The Best Roofing Materials for Homes in Georgia

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Choosing the right type of roof that can sustain the extreme climatic conditions of Georgia is a huge task. Hence, it becomes crucial to consider different aspects of roofing materials to obtain the best roof shingles for your house.

Although asphalt shingle is the foremost priority of most Georgia natives, other options are also available, providing quality traits at affordable rates. Ranging from premium textures to lasting impressions, you can get the most from a suitable roofing material.

So, keep reading this article to get detailed insights into the best roofing materials for homes in Georgia so that you can select the most suitable rooftop for your residence.

Top 5 Roofing Materials For Georgia Houses

Buying an optimum and efficient roofing material is essential to prevent easy damage to its quality.

Thus, here is complete information about various roofing materials perfect for your needs.

  1. Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

Shingle is an excellent choice for those who want a pocket-friendly material capable of resisting unfavorable weather conditions. Shingles are developed using numerous substances, including plastic, asphalt, metal, and wood.

They are made utilizing fiberglass and asphalt, with a mineral granules coating. These roofing materials have recently gained utmost popularity because they provide higher durability to the users than the traditional types of shingles.

In addition to these features, these shingles come in numerous designs and colors. It enables you to buy a roof that can perfectly complement the style of your entire house.

However, purchasing only shingles that satisfy the USA ASTM 1 to D6432 standards is advisable. Such shingles can effectively survive storms and high-speed winds.

To ensure robust protection against rain, you can opt for laminated fiberglass asphalt shingles. You can also get several other benefits by picking these shingles for your roofs, such as easy maintenance and quick installation.

  1. Slate Roofing

Being an eco-friendly roofing material, slate has emerged as one of the most preferred choices in the past years. It lasts for a longer period and is designed to survive unfavorable climatic conditions. In addition, it offers unique traits that make it a great option for every rooftop.

Slate is made using stone and has a lifespan of approximately 100 years. It is also possible to retain its quality and texture through proper maintenance. Moreover, it has high density and requires a robust framework that can handle its heavy weight.

However, the negative aspects of slate are that it is an expensive roofing material and can shatter into fragments if handled inappropriately.

  1. Metal Rooftop

This form of roofing material is suitable for places that experience heavy snowfall. It helps in withstanding the adverse impacts of ice formation. It is also a durable roofing material having the potential to survive the extremely strong winds in Georgia.

In summers, it can help reduce the inner temperature of the house. Metal roofing reflects infrared emittance and eliminates the need to use an air conditioner every time. The metal roofing can last for a maximum of 70 years through maintenance techniques.

The quality of roofing also depends on the price you bought it for. Extreme conditions like hailstorms can easily damage cheaper roofing. Therefore, you should always prefer purchasing metal roofing belonging to the mid-range price segment.

Besides, you have to pay special attention to different weather conditions, as it expands in the hot weather and contracts in winters. Hence, you may have to modify its dimensions so it can remain stable on the rooftop.

  1. Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are adequate for every region reeling under extreme climatic conditions. It can help minimize the heat effects in Georgia.

These S-shaped tiles facilitate proper air circulation in the home. Its structure enables the air to move freely around the roof and keeps the house cool. This roofing material is also good for areas experiencing strong winds and wet circumstances.

Clay tiles are heavy and demand a strong foundation. Further, clay is not a solid material like concrete and slate but manages to give a lasting finish to the rooftop.

However, you have to spend extra bucks on clay tile roofing as the cost of clay tiles is quite high.

Tile Roofing Worker

  1. Concrete or Cement Tiles

Concrete tiles are ideal for Georgia’s windy days. It can easily resist a wind speed of 200 km/hr. Hailstorm activity also doesn’t cause damage to these tiles.

It is an all-weather roofing material capable of handling extreme hot, cold, and snowy seasons. Thus, it is the most durable material that lasts for several years.

Most people prefer to select this roofing material as it is inexpensive and offers a finish similar to tiled roofs.

These tiles are even available in the S-shape, providing better weather resistance. However, this roofing material is also heavy-weight and requires a robust rooftop framework so the tiles can be placed properly.

Another benefit of concrete tiles is that they are available in multiple designs and colors. It enables homeowners to choose the one suitable for their house structures.

If you are not willing to put an extra burden on your pocket, cement or concrete tiles are the best roofing material for your home.

Don’t Forget to Read these Roofing Facts!

It is exciting to note that roofing materials can also resist the impacts of fire and insects on houses. Georgia is a region with a subtropical climate and experiences extremely hot and humid days. It increases the risk of fire and pests, affecting the overall quality of the roof.

Hence, for your convenience and safety, the materials mentioned above are also fire-proof and can effectively handle the attack of pests. So, you can select any one of them to get the best results from a single investment.

But sometimes, it might get tough to pick the right roofing material. In such a scenario, you can take professionals’ help to better understand the roofing materials ideal for your house. 

S.C.I Roofing & Construction is a renowned roofing company in Athens that extends its complete support to customers seeking smooth and satisfactory roofing services.


The choice of roofing material for homes depends on the budget, preferences, house structure, and the climatic conditions of Georgia. These materials can enhance the look of your home and provide a safe and comfortable place for the residents.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to analyze every aspect before making an appropriate decision for you and your family members.

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