4 Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom Today

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Even though it might not seem like a primary focal point in terms of your interior design, your bathroom can say a lot about your taste. And while it can be seen as a fairly intimate space, it is also the place that many of your house guests will see at least once when they are visiting. For this reason, it is important to keep your bathroom trendy and updated.

If you’ve been considering renovating or remodeling it, consider these four reasons to help yourself get that project started!

Update The Aesthetic

It goes without saying that when a bathroom’s design is out of date, it is really, truly out of date. If you find yourself asking the question, “Is my bathroom dated?” The answer is always yes. You should seize this opportunity to choose a new paint color, countertop, lighting, and even bathtub or shower, depending on what you have. In bathrooms, you should not shy away from recessed lighting and the more mirrors, the better!

Knock Out All The Repairs

Bathroom repairs can be daunting and time-consuming. Instead of having them hang over your head, simply get them all out of the way during your bathroom makeover! Even if it is something easy such as fixing your bathtub drain stopper, you will not be sorry for having taken the initiative to cross these pesky tasks off of your list.

If your repairs require help from a professional, it might be wise to use that opportunity and change the layout of your space.

Choose A New Layout

On that note, choosing a new setup for your bathroom can do a world of good. Just by changing a few things around you can totally transform your space! If you’re not pleased with the way the toilet is close to the shower or that you cannot completely open a cabinet because it is blocked by your bathtub, change things around!

Opt for a smooth and streamlined space that fits your lifestyle and makes sense for the number of people who will need to access the bathroom. One way to optimize space is to replace your sink unit with single sinks or “Jack and Jill” style sinks. This now gives you more space for built-in storage that will add to your new aesthetic!

More Eco-Conscious Additions

Lastly, a bathroom renovation is not complete without thinking of ways you can improve your energy consumption habits or reduce water waste. Do not pass up this opportunity to install a more eco-friendly hot water heater or to get a water softener. You can even opt for a new toilet that uses less water with each flush which will result in you saving on your water bill in the long run!

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