Top Do’s And Don’ts of Commercial Renovation

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If this is your first time renovating a commercial setup, it is natural to freak out and feel lost all the time. Everyone who carries out such a critical task goes through a similarly confused emotional state for months and there is nothing abnormal about this. If you are here, chances are you want to gather a better idea regarding the right way to go about commercial space renovations and we want to commend you for that. The more knowledge and information you gather on the subject, the better able you would be to get things done the right way.

Whether it’s a commercial store renovation, or a business office renovation, having an expert’s advice on how to go about things, what to do, and what to avoid on your way is a sure way to achieve success and ensure your peace of mind. While we cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a professional contractor and team to get your commercial renovations done, there is always a role that you, as the owner and the one paying for those renovations can play to keep your own sanity intact.

Our experience of working on so many commercial renovation projects over all these years has taught us some valuable things. Most of what we have learned throughout our career is what equally applies to all kinds of commercial renovations, and we are more than glad to be having this platform where we can share all such valuable information with our lovely readers. Today, we are sharing some basic Do’s and Don’ts of any commercial renovation that you need to know in order to avoid inconvenience and be able to ace your project in a stress-free manner. Keep reading to know what you should do and what must be avoided regardless of the magnitude of your commercial space that needs to be renovated.

The Do’s of Commercial Renovations

Below we are summing up all that you need to do to ensure that your commercial renovation is something that you can be proud of and others also appreciate. Needless to say, following all these instructions can also make your project more practical and long-lasting:

  1. Make sure to decide on a well-defined budget that is neither too lavish nor too tight. It’s best to get it made by an expert who can better guide you regarding things that can cost you more and less depending on where you get them from. Also, have some buffer amount set aside to make up for any excess expenditure that comes in your way and cannot be ignored at all.
  2. Make sure that your renovation project is not a headache for anyone else. Being in a commercial setup, you would surely have some walkways and parking associated with your location. Mostly, commercial spaces are located in a square of the allocated plaza where there are many other operating businesses. Your renovation work should not dirty their work at all. Ensure no blockage of any entering or walking point, keep things all tidy and clean and make as less of a mess as possible. Also, try to get the noisy work done somewhere else and keep it all very silent and private so you don’t cause any disturbance for others.
  3. Your contractors should know your work hours and the hours you would be using the space under renovation for official or other work purposes. Inform them of all these timings beforehand so that can plan their work hours in a way that does not obstruct your work.
  4. Always sign a detailed contract with the renovating individuals and try to keep things legal. Have some third party as your lawyer or witness and make sure that you can mediate between the two parties if any confusion or issues arises.
  5. Do listen to others. Resist the urge to be a boss all the time. There is a high chance that what you are suggesting is not practiced in the long run and hence your renovating team might not be ready to do it since it can also affect their commitment to quality. Try to discuss things in a friendly manner and listen to what they are saying instead of trying to enforce all your desires and wishes on them.
  6. Always think long-term while making any decisions regarding how the renovated place would look like and resist the urge to get temporary stuff done.
  7. It is best to hire a contractor after gathering enough information about them and the kind of service they provide from relevant and reputable resources. We strongly suggest you meet multiple contractors before finalizing the one that suits you best.

The Don’ts of Commercial Renovations

Now, here are some things that we strongly want no one to do to ensure smooth and excellent completion of their commercial renovations. Read on and follow our instructions. We are sure you would want to thank us for these and in that case, you are already welcome.

  1. NEVER compromise on your mental and physical health just for the sake of getting a renovation done quickly. Always take time and ensure that you are all ready to invest your mind and heart in a renovation project instead of simply doing it for the sake of getting it done.
  2. Never rush a project when it comes to renovations. Your contract might want to end things quicker than the decided time but it is your job to convince them and ensure that all they are doing is being put before anything else. In other words, they should be ready to put their heart and mind into your project instead of getting done with it quickly.
  3. When the work is ongoing, try not to disrupt it by planning a lot of meetings and events onsite every other week. This can ruin the structures that need time to settle down and is also annoying for those working on the project.
  4. Don’t leave everything to the contractors. Rather, ensure regular visits to the site and keep everything in check too.
  5. Always inform others of your schedule and work hours before starting the renovations so they tend to avoid visiting your workplace when the work is going on.

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