Top 6 Tips For Adding Personality To Your Bathroom

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Out of all the frequently used rooms in the house, the bathroom is probably the most overlooked in terms of design and decoration. Perhaps it’s common to keep the bathroom simple and minimal because it’s not a space for entertainment. But there’s no reason you need your bathroom design to be plain or generic with typical colors and features. In fact, you can also add flair and personality to your bathroom, the same way you usually do with your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. 

Sprucing up your bathroom will not only make it more inviting, but it can also boost your home’s visual appeal and even impress your guests. Keep in mind that apart from your bedroom, your bathroom is also among the few places in your house where you can decompress and get some alone time without interruption. Therefore, boosting its design and aesthetic may also bring more coziness to your home. (1)

So, how can you improve your bathroom’s atmosphere? Here are six tips for adding personality to your bathroom.

  1. Mix it up with patterns and colors

Most bathrooms often lack exciting patterns and colors, as some of you probably just like to play it safe. However, adding energetic and colorful patterns is one of the quickest ways to add personality to any room. So, consider investing in accent tiles or patterned tiles for the floors, walls, or shower. (2)

You may also browse some of the top bathroom tile trends to find inspiration on which patterned or colored tiles will best suit your house’s overall aesthetic, your budget, and your bathroom’s size and style. With careful design and styling, you can have a stunning bathroom that will complement the overall vibe of your home.

  1. Introduce some color in unexpected places

You probably have a lot of white and neutrals in your bathroom right now. To add more personality, introduce some fun and vibrant colors into your bathroom accessories or decorations. For example, instead of plain white tiles, you may want to explore tiles with accent colors that complement the rest of your home. You may also choose to install copper or gold taps and handles, for a bit of colorful luxury. Instead of white bath towels or mats, you can try pastel ones. Ultimately, it’s up to you which color you’d like to bring in, as long as it shows your personality and taste. (2)

  1. Try using bold wallpaper

If you want to personalize your bathroom on a budget, you can try using bold wallpaper instead of tiles. Plenty of colorful and well-designed bathroom wallpaper may help give your bathroom a stylish and modern look. Meanwhile, if you only want to create an accent wall, you can pick one particular wall and apply patterned wallpaper.

Either way, just ensure you invest in wallpaper designed explicitly for bathrooms as they’re waterproof. Preferably, choose fabric-backed, paper-backed or solid vinyl because they’re scrubbable, removable, and made to resist moisture and humidity. Plus, once you’re in the mood to update your bathroom and play with another design, you can quickly strip your old wallpaper off and replace it with new ones. (3)

  1. Add touches of art

When it comes to art, it’s limitless. So, if you’re into framed art, why not show them off in your bathroom too? For instance, if your walls are covered with white or light-colored tiles or wallpaper, you can incorporate some dark artwork to achieve a good balance. Better yet, you can dedicate entire wall space to your art gallery. You can also use other art forms for decorations like sculptures, ceramics, or, if your bathroom space allows, a small water fountain on the side of the vanity or sink.

  1. Add statement lighting

Even with a well-decorated bathroom, your choice of lighting can play a significant role in the bathroom’s overall look and design. The right statement lighting can help reinforce the character of your bathroom.

To enhance the look of your vanity mirror, you may install task lighting on the side or over the mirror. The light will not only illuminate your reflection, but it’ll also bounce off on the mirror glass, creating an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Meanwhile, if you’d like to use the lighting to highlight or create a focal point, you can use graphic box wall lights to draw attention to your bathtub, mirror, or any space you’d like to put focus on.

Ultimately, the choice of your bathroom lighting depends on how you utilize your bathroom and the level of natural light you have.

  1. Incorporate greenery

You can never go wrong with greenery. The best thing about plants or flowers is that they can easily add life and personality to any room. Plus, most plants thrive best in humid places, which is what your bathroom can easily offer.

So, consider incorporating some plants in your bathroom. You may go for a big or oversized plant and place it beside your sink or toilet bowl. If you’re into those tiny, potted plants, you can place them on the sink or in front of your vanity mirror. To achieve a tropical spa vibe, you can display small potted plants on your bathtub ledges. Overall, plants can quickly transform your bathroom into a tropical paradise. (4)

Wrapping Up

Like the other rooms, go with your instinct and don’t hesitate to have fun, decorate, and add personality to your bathroom. Once you’ve implemented one or more of the tips from this article, you’ll realize how much cozier, unique, and inviting your bathroom can be.


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